Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- 4th Line Chemo 3 — A very stormy night


What a happy happy couple with their first born I have really enjoyed watching this on telly as the baby goes home.

We have had terrible storms over night and lots of rain. The lightening was fantastic over the Salt Marshes as we can see such a wide area from the bedroom and so we watched the dazzling display.

Lightning strikes across Kent

Torrential rain paired with thunder and lightning made the county skies light up throughout the early hours.

Multiple lightning strikes caused fires across the county last night with firefighters being called to several locations.

A home in Gillingham was one of the worst hit as fire crews were called at 4.25am Audley Avenue, Darland, after the house was struck by lightning.

Teams wearing breathing apparatus, used a hosereel to tackle the blaze in the ground floor living room of the two storey house. The family inside the house were alerted to the blaze by their smoke alarm and were forced to evacuated the hpuse and call the emergency services.

Thankfully there were no reports of any injuries.

Fire crews were also called to a house fire in Lympne, near Ashford.

When we got up and although raining on and off it was still very warm.

So we have been in  the house most of the day. I have done a sort of spring clean and tidied the home with a very melted forehead.

Ray took Louis out
hairy  boys

I watched the hungry sailors this afternoon I love the way they collect up all local food and then invite people back to their boat to eat.

What a lovely way to live.

I have felt very good today so Im very happy with my Chemo although I do know it is hitting my Marrow Bone.

Infact I have asked how I will know I have had tto much and have become Toxic the answer from The USA Nurse is –you will see by the counts, we do expect delays and possible transfusions by cycle 4. Platelets are usually the deciding factor as we do not have a good way to replete them and a platelet transfusion only holds them for 72 hours. if you do well and it holds you for 6 months or so, it can always be revisited. Great to hear you continued good news on the battle lines

So that will be my guide line If I do get into  needing a blood transfusion after Round 4 -which starts next Friday I will rest -I promise.

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