Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- This is my week off from Chemo and Im so happy.


Had a great nights sleep and woke up at 7pm feeling very good. Coffee and breakfast and then I remebered the District Nurse was coming. OOps had to get washed and dressed. She knocked just after 8.30am I had her in the kitchen with my box of dressings ready and then as she was washing and dressing the Picc Line I realised I could see the bedroom door open. I prayed Ray would remember to put his trousers on at least before he walked down the passage.

Phew lucky but he did and said good morning to her.

She had been to me before but right back at the beginning of all this madness. She was amazed at how I looked and loved it that I looked so well.

So that was over for 3 weeks as I will have it done at the Hospital when i get the chemo next week.

I washed the shower out today and took the plug out and found so much hair I realised although I haven’t lost hair to the point of going bald but it is thinning again and going very fine and soft.

I have kept it longer this time so it doesnt notice.

After Lunch we went shopping on our own to The Range, I love that shop so much in there.

We then went over to Marks and Sparks to buy some food healthy of coarse.

Ray bought a load of cherries and strawberries –super foods –lovely.

It was a really pleasant ride out but of coarse when I got home I was tired and kept cat napping.

Phoned my friends and her daughter spoke to me so I answered all her questions about having Mesothelioma and she feels so much better talking about it to someone who has been through all the shock times as you first get diagnosed.

She has an appointment tomorrow so she will hear her pathway and she will phone me Bless her I feel so sorry for her and so young.

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