Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Blood Day.


Blood day today so we had to get ready early and set off at 10am.

We arrived at the Park and Ride a  poor lady was all upset because she didnt know how you got a ticket. Ray went through the barrier with our car and then went back to help her. She got her ticket and she got through to park as well.

The Motorhome section was filled up. I dont know why on a Wednesday this happens. Is it cheaper on a Wednesday on the Ferries or Tunnel. They were a lot of foreign M/Homes .

We caught the Hospital Bus and was soon into the hospital. I didnt wait to lone before I was called in and my bloods taken.

So we got back to the car and went shopping in ASDA. The prices seem a lot cheaper I was surprised so I have stocked up. All the healthy things I could find. Not one sweet or chocolate went into the trolley. Honest.

Soon home and packed away and lunch was done as well. You keep looking at the phone and willing it not to ring. Hoping your bloods are OK.

Jeremy Steel had sent me a Email saying how pleased he was that my Chemo was working I had emailed to thank him for finding it for me as it has given me a new start again. Maybe another year before I need Line 5 .

Then I realised as I was cooking dinner that the phone hadnt rung. You can then relax –Your Bloods Must be good. So Chemo Friday Hooray.!!!

So not a lot happened today just a quiet day. I like those days

Great news from Australia on a new drug

Karen Banton, the CEO of the Bernie Banton Banton Foundation says she is excited about a new drug treatment that could save lives.
This new clinical trial is exciting, and all at the Bernie Banton Centre are to be congratulated.
Prof van Zandwijk says he does not want to raise false hope, but he is cautiously optimistic the treatment will work.
I agree wholeheartedly, but this trial does give hope, and that cannot be a bad thing!
Rod Smith

Karen is excited I think the whole world of Mesothelioma is excited I wish it every success we will be watching xx

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