Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- 4the Line chemo and what a day I have had.

I have woken up early today as I couldn’t sleep and I tossed and turned all night so I finally must have slept but I was very tired as I found the coffee pot.

We had a storm and heavy burst of rain I thought that would clear the air but it didn’t.

The times I have showered to cool down and I have used my hand held fan that the Hospice gave me, so pleased I kept it handy as you play that on you cheek and it helps you to breath better in the heat.

Off we went to the hospital to start my 4th round of Chemo.

I was an hour early as ray wanted to go shopping to buy a new paper shredder as I had broken ours. I got paper jammed –well jammed . Ray couldn’t get it started again so I must have stripped the cog -Oh dear.

So he dropped me off and I went to the Reception desk and booked myself in.

I waited and waited -it hadn’t paid to book early as my Chemo wasn’t made and on top of that the Chemo had been late being made for the morning patients so someone was still in my chair.

I finally went in and got all settled down then I had my PICC line washed and when they tried to draw blood –no blood. Everyone tried but no go.

I had to have an Xray.  Of I went to Xray Department. They hadn’t been notified, Oh yes you have its just been ordered. I sat down and waited why they investigated. Finally they agreed it had just come through on the fax machine. Ok so I waited and waited and could still see it in the basket. I sent Ray back to explain where I was to my Chemo nurse. She came back with Rya and said I wouldn’t have the Chemo after 4pm so she chased it as it was 3.30pm. I have planned all my holidays and weekends around my Chemo so I couldn’t go wrong now.

I finally had my turn and I dashed in smiling-well its not their fault is it on a busy Friday.

She asked me to take my bra off and put my top back on.  I was trying to save time and as I went through to the undressing room with top halfway off and Bra part off I realised the other door was open to the waiting room –dear  dear dear was i embarrassed ???

She took a photo and said she can see the PICC Line in place. I relaxed and we got back to the Chemo Ward.

A Doctor agreed I can go  ahead finally 2 hours after my appointment time so I knew I would get out late.

My Chemo went ahead very well and when the bags were empty and the bleep was going they change the bags for me very well.

Once again another nurse spoke to me about Mesothelioma  as she had known a man friend who died with it within 12 months of diagnosis. I said dont ask me why I have lived 4 years , I wish they would do tests to tell me why. She said but you look so well at 4 years and 4 chemos –bless her, I do feel well my body is taking everything that is thrown at it.

My CNS walked by and said the scan result was so great Im so proud of you. Im showing the way for GemCarbo Chemo to be used more when people are finding Cisplatin/ Alimita to toxic as I


The couple next to us started to talk and the lady is a real gutsy women as she has had bowel cancer and she has had her part of her bowel out and now its in her Lymph glands and what a lovely cheerful Positive woman she was. her daughter came in and bought her 6 month old grandson to say hello. I said to her husband when she went to the loo I love gutsy women and she is one positive gutsy lady.

I wont see her again as she is a Thursday usually. thats what happens you sometimes never meet again so you have a veru interesting conversation and that is all you do never to meet again. Sad really.

Well i was all finished and we did get home about 7pm where I made a cold meat salad with jacket potatoe and ray washed up and I was numb from the chaotic day.

Hope tomorrow is a resting day .

They are going to watch my bloods very closely now for over toxicity. as this is chemo 4 which can be a danger one but I feel very well just a bit sickly but I have my tablets for that and Im off now for a good nights sleep I have earnt it.

Christine I have pinched your photo today but I feel like this tonight


Rays side of the story






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