Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-A day of Sun and Rain and good luck to Lou in Australia.

Yesterday we woke up so early and I got up at 5am. Although cooler the chemo sweat was so bad and I just wanted to shower and feel cool again.

I had to go to the garden center and buy new bark as I have to tidy the garden now the fence has gone up. We set off and took Louis as it was cooler so he would be OK in the car.On the way we filled up with fuel, the price is going back up and we sill be paying £1.50p per litre fo diesel soon the way it edges up and up.

We got to the garden center and I went in and found the bark and we struggled putting the bags on the trolley and then into the car boot. I was worried about Rays back he was worrying about me -gosh its bad getting old we think we can still do these things and we shouldn’t be so stubborn.

On the way back we called in to Tankerton slopes and walked Louis, it was really very pleasant and I enjoyed a stroll. Came home and I made a ham sandwich for lunch. then we both dropped off to sleep for a bit.

Recharged our batteries and made dinner.

The weather came over very black and we knew we were in for rain just as a lorry came to deliver patio  slabs to a neighbour, the poor men got soaked I should think and just like someone turned off a tap it stopped. The weather is very funny at times.

rain 1

I had a call from Cancer Research as I had back the petition for cigarette  packets to be plain but the government have cancelled that, The man started talking about research and I said yes I back anything to do with Research, he asked me why and I said because of Mesothelioma, he asked what that was. I said that saddens me that he didnt know that if he was with Cancer research, I began to get suspicious, He asked if I would pay £8.00 per month and I said No as all my money goes to Mesothelioma Uk. He then said would I change to Scottish Power where they will put £14.00 into cancer Research, the man was really cold calling and trying to get me to change supplier. I refused and said I dont wish to change my supplier.

I put down the phone completely confused as to who I was talking to and angry with myself for being conned into talking to the man. I do hope he was genuine but I have a feeling he wasn’t.

My love goes out to Lou in Australia as she goes into hospital for intensive Chemo as she has new growth by he diaphragm bless her. She works so hard for the  Bernie Banton Society

Her Husband Keith has written on her blog Once again, apologies if you get this nasty news 2nd hand or doubled up as it goes “universal”.
We saw Louisa’s Oncologist, Allan Zimet, at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne yesterday afternoon 5 Aug. following her PET scan last wednesday.  Results – new cancer tumours growing on left & right side of chest area above & below diaphragm, plus increased fluid buildup in abdominal area.
Zimet wants immediate chemotherapy so Louisa will be admitted to John Fawkner Private Hosp in Melbourne today at 1pm for an initial 2 nights. 6-8 weeks of chemo will follow.

As usual she is looking great & will fight this latest upset as she has for the last 10 1/2 years.
I may be hard to get for a few days but will keep you posted
All the best to everyone

It is so good she has the love and help of such a lovely husband behind her, coaxing her and getting her through the Journey and then she has us Warriors rooting for her to win through. A much loved Lady who has been a dear friend through my Journey.

lou williams 2

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