Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary-Bloods today for Chemo line 4 session 4 and half,

Photo: We are doing this for them

The deadline was today for the Residents to lodge their objection against the new planning application for a Asbestos waste transfer station right at the bottom of their gardens and on the door step of a school and play area. Its really not on and you only have to look at the innocent children and know that this must not happen.

Please have a last go at backing these poor children and their future.

We have had a lovely day although it has been so cool that I have had to wear a hoody.

I had to go to have my bloods done for Fridays chemo.

I didnt have to wait long in the waiting room when my nurse came and got me so she could weigh me.

In the examination room I had my blood pressure and heat beat monitored and boy does that band go tight,

The head nurse said she would take the blood from my PICC line as that would save another Xray if it worked.

Saline went in infact I said it was cold as it it did,

But on the draw back no blood and I pumped my fingers into my palm and a bit of blood came through, not enough to fill a tube though. I turned my head away and coughed and coughed and more blood came through.

It wasnt enough to test but enough to mean I wont need an xray.

So they had to take a blood test through a cannula. My vein didn’t want to give as they seem to get shy but at last two tubes were filled up.

We came home for lunch and  a coffee and then Ray said he wanted to buy two new tryes for the Motor home. Of we went and I took Louis with us, he thought we were going away and got over excited, running all over the M/Home yacking.

We went to one garage but they had to order the tyres so we went behind Tesco at the business park. They could do it for us there and then so I walked Louis around, gosh the area has got so run down I was shocked. Everywhere looked dirty and old and in a need of a paint but the tyres were a good price and they have done it in good time.

I walked round Tescos car park and Ray met me there and we came home again.

I cooked a good curry to warm us up.

No phone call tonight so I must be good, , no over toxic reaction going on, so all Line 4, session 4 is safe I hope session 5 will be as good. Fingers are crossed.

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