Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Had an off day today

I have had a funny day today. Wanting to be sick but praying I wouldn’t. I took Louis out very early just as I had got up I feel the eyes and the general yukkie feeling is due to Chemo I didn’t like to say on the blog that I have had an hallucination turn about a week ago, but I should be truthful as that is what my blog is –the truth –In the kitchen the floor tiles were acting like water was flowing under neath them and they were floating on a wave. Just on one patch I even went over and tested them in case it was a leak from the washing machine. Ray just watched in amazement. He said nothing .

While walking the dog though my eye on the right had a black wiggly line in it and everywhere I look the sensation came. I walked with one eye shut but that made no difference.

I know my nighttime drug is of the Opium drug but I think Im way out man.

I got in and rested and was able to make breakfast. I even did a good tidy up as Ray went out on hie man walk with the dog. He tells him stories and talks to him like he is a child. I ought to share my tablets with Him.

Had a lovely phone call from Linda she is really having a lot of form filling as going to Emigrate to Australia isnt that easy, but we had lots of talking and planning the next few months. xx

I really have rested all day and chilled out as I tuck myself away so I dont get any germs as Im so vulnerable at the moment with my Immune system at rock bottom.

But this sickness feeling hurts at times so I will carry on resting and I have to go early in the morning to Hospital to have the PICC line flushed so I can go away on Tuesday.


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