Living With Mesothelioma My Diary- A Week Away at our Sons and Malvern

I have just got back from a great time away camping. I took advantage of my week free of Chemo and we have been to Malvern to the Motor home Show.

First though we traveled to Slough where we stayed on my Sons drive, I love doing this and we sleep in the Motor home so we say goodnight and leave their house to sleep in the Van.

They had made some great meals, Last Tuesday it was minute steaks and they were just so nice as my DIL has changed my mind on rare steak. It melted in our mouths. Wednesday we had a great curry.

We said goodbye on Thursday and traveled onto Malvern for the show.

Its easier to do it in pictures I think. But health wise I have done so well. Very tired but did manage to walk round the show and look in some Motor Homes. I did use my walking stick which meant I got round slowly and a bit breathless uphills but I did it and have had a super holiday with lovely people,


A good meal to send us on our journey


All the great bunch of friends we camped with so many dogs as well. Louis was so good and he walked around the show on the friday where everyone seemed to own a dog and Louis just walk around with his nose straight in front and didnt bark at one of them. He sure did win our praise for being so good. He even visited my friend Vivs van and sat with her until she bought him back.

So many people stopped by to see us and they all popped in and Louis was so good.

Seems we have turned a corner this holiday.


This little dog won our hearts as well So well behaved I wish Louis had been with us as a puppy and he would have been as calm as this.


We had our own band as well we didnt need to go to the Entertainment and pay when we had our own members playing. Well done we did enjoy this.


We had a smile on our faces all the weekend. Motorhome fun is just that fun !!!!!


Our own Rose dressed up with her husband and went off to the western night.


Sunday morning we had a bacon bun breakfast which was great fun and really tasty.


Jim, who runs Motorhome Fun was the chief and they cooked 770 rashes bless them so they worked very hard.


On Monday our last night we had the musical members each taking a turn on their instruments and a Barbie as well a perfect night Under such a lovely sunset.


So saying our goodbyes we traveled to our  Sons again where we had another steak meal and they gave me their birthday present and card as we wont see them before my birthday.

This morning we had breakfast in their lovely garden and said our goodbyes to travel on the dreaded M25. Yes there was an accident between a lorry and a car which was badly squashed with Fire engines and ambulances trying to sort the poor driver out.

We stopped at Clackets Lane for a rest and then got to our home really tired out.

I  turned on my computer dreading if there was any bad news and yes we have lost a Warrior. Goodnight Barbara Whitehead. Julies Mum we messaged through her illness.

I read the message –Dear Mavis, just to let you know that mesothelioma finally got the better of my mum as she passed away in the early hours of today, 13th August. Naturally we are devastated.–

So sad as she has gone so quickly bless her

So My candles is lit for her xx


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