Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary-Oh dear Chemo is playing up now so I have to be sensible now.

A lovely hot day weather wise Thanks to my Facebook friend Jackie this really cheered me up today xx


We went to the hospital for 1.30pm chemo and they called me on time.

The Picc Line behaved its self so the saline went in then the sickness magic fluid went in.

I took my steroids and the Chemo came down so I got off to a great start.

I thought I was getting a bit stuffy again though, just a bit and Ray said I was going a bit red across the nose. It wasnt as bad as last time on the Cisplatin,

I was right near the end so I haven’t said anything but I have an appointment with the Onc next week so I will have a chat.

Then Little Katie came in and was pleased to see me. She told me they had a great talk with my Onc as my blood count was done to 98 and they like it to be above 100 and 200 was the norm.

DR Cominos said as it was on the border line I could go ahead with chemo but I was to watch out for any bruising or bleeding from the nose,  if I did i was to go to tha Cancer A&E and ask for my bloods to be done there and then.

Of coarse I will that’s a promise.

I can see me having to cancel chemo 6 as I have come home very tired and I know that things are changing and I dont want to push myself as I have to keep everything A1 in case i need 5th Line Chemo.

We do go through things don’t we.

I wont go camping that’s for sure as i might have overdone it last week and I will rest my body. Thank goodness I have an appointment next week i can get all this sorted.

Promise i will have an early night honest and i will feel better.

One thing that was very nice some of the Nurses came to me to talk about my book that I donated to the ward, They wanted to know different things about Mesothelioma and How i came to write the book. So pleased I have had them interested and Raised more Awareness among the young Nurses and they have said would I do Book 2 -we have it halfway done but still a lot more time needed but made me so proud  and I have raised another £1000.00 so far this year, great news.

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2 thoughts on “Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary-Oh dear Chemo is playing up now so I have to be sensible now.

    • Jock I feel really ok today after going to bed so early –its just what is going on with the blood now as the white cells must dropping right down from the figure of 98 so wednesday I will have another blood test and the Onc will disuse the report on thursay so we shall see what she thinks xx

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