Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Bloods taken and a surprise present came.

A very tiring day today. I had to go to the hospital  to give my bloods so it was all rush to get out early.

I just couldn’t wake up and felt like I was in a dream world. Ray got me to the P&R and we did get the hospital bus.  I sat in the waiting room like a zombie, just going through the motions.

I was called in finally and I explained how I felt and that I was convinced my bloods must be out.

My blood pressure was good my temperature was great, so what was I worrying about. It is the feeling of my being allergic again, it does feel that way. The sister said to discuss it with My Oncologist tomorrow and thats what I will do.

No Phone call so my bloods have to be OK. Just a bit of panic from me.

We got home and I made lunch for us and then I pottered in the garden as it was so nice and with heavy gloves on I have done a little bit of tidying up.

Back inside I fell asleep for a while and felt a little better.

I had a lovely present from my dear friends Christine and Mark and I loved it.


So pretty and great for my candle lights –Thanks xx

Ray has been washing up the rubbish and sorting the dustbins, I cant believe we are so wrapped up in the quest to get our rubbish taken away, this has to stop!!

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