Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Oncology Appointment Chemo is working.


A funny day today as i just could not wake up. I felt so grotty but then I have felt this way all week. I keep falling to sleep and that frightened me as that is a sign that the Meso is winning and I cant allow that.

As I had to go to see The oncologist today I waited but It old Ray i think I wont be going on with the next 3 Chemos, Tomorrow then a week off and then 2 weeks chemo.

I really thought the chemo was causing an allergic reaction. It started last Friday and I have been fighting it all week.

So we had a quick lunch and off we went to the Hospital, Kent and Canterbury.

We did find a parking space but it was 2pm and my appointment was 3 PM. Ray dropped me off and went and parked up. Lots of lovely patients were in the waiting room. Different nurses I have met over the years said hello. It is a happy friendly place.

Ray came in and we had a long wait as the Oncologist is always late but she allows the patient to ask every question, to take their time and make sure they understand everything.

It was my turn in the end and I said Im worried about Allergic reaction but she thinks it is just in the lining of my nose and eyes so she wrote a prescription for tablets to take when I get the feeling. She has said the Chemo is working  and it is beneficial to finish the coarse.

I realised as Im the first one she has had on the Gem/Carbo Chemo she needs to see the whole story so I will finish it.

I said I want to be able to receive 5th line ,that Im at 4 years and the percentages are going down now . She laughed and said you have just proved all the figures wrong Mavis, there is a trial coming out this year in Maidstone and there are trials also at The Royal Marsden so lets see as if you are stable and shrinkage, as they don’t have you on a trial until the Meso is growing again , so  there will be a trial waiting.

I cheered up and we said bye until the scan result at the end of September.

We came home and I was shattered but I have perked up after dinner and Im prepared for tomorrows Chemo.

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3 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Oncology Appointment Chemo is working.

  1. So glad that the light at the end of the tunnel, is looking brighter for you (and Ray) Mavis. Here’s hoping that you won’t even need to go for the trial.
    Good luck (as always) for tomorrow. thumbsup

    Jock & Rita. xx

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