Living With Mesothelioma- My Diary- A very bad crash in the fog at The Isle Of Sheppy and Visit from District Nurse

I didn’t write a blog yesterday as each day has been the same of me getting up and then after lunch falling asleep etc etc.

The District nurse arrived as ray came back from walking Louis and he was barking at her and she didn’t care so he just ran in and sat with me but I was worried he might try and protect me so I lifted him up and popped him into the den. Oh no wrong, that bruised my arm and a large bruise came up. It means my blood count has gone right down. As the Nurse wasn’t worried I ignored it.

She bleed the PICC line and it worked first time without any saline going in to clear it. Amazing after all the fuss on Friday. Off she went pleased with herself.

We did go out in the car early today to buy weed killer. Gosh its pricey nowadays it goes up to £48 plus. I only want to killer little weeds not have the Parish. –Joke !!!

Ray had walked Louis again while I was in the store.

It was nice going out before the heat of the sun got going.

There had been a very bad accident on the Sheppy Bridge. 100 cars 200 people and a mile long. It has been on the TV all day and it was so bad.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Emmett

I do hope the  people that were transferred to London are going to recover but on the whole it was amazing that there wasn’t any deaths.

After Lunch I did a tidy up of the shed and really I must defrost the freezers soon as in this heat they are working hard out there. But thats a job for another day.

My hair is still falling out it is getting so thin but I have it longer and I fluff it up so people don’t notice.

There has been good Results on The warriors scans Steve Wride has good stable  But Jan Egerton  hasn’t had her tummy drained ,well not until Tuesday. She feels so low and so dejected. I don’t blame her as she is so uncomfortable  they should have treated it as an Emergency  and made her comfortable.

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