Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A lazy day and another hold up on the roads of Kent

I have been in a quiet mood today and just couldn’t raise any enthusiasm for the day. I did the housework as Ray took Louis out and then it started raining and it went colder.


How can one day be 31C and then the next 19C only in UK I think.

I spent the morning chatting with Jan and trying to make sense of her treatment by her hospital, she has finally had a phone call to get a scan tonight so the Doctor can drain her tummy.

Jan keeps  on about the difference between North and South and I always ague with her that it cant be that different but I think Im beginning to believe her. As another Warrior has had a very similar experience with her Dads treatment today. The bedside manner of some Doctors is bad they really should think of the patients feelings but then I have had such good treatment, I did ask in my House of commons speach why did a doctor in the South Know more than a Doctor in the North. Something has to be done about the knowledge of Mesothelioma and the treatments that are available it has to be known in every hospital.

If   it wasnt for the fact we have banded together like we have we wouldn’t know that there was so many Chemo’s for us. When a Doctor today has said that Vinorelbine isnt used –well –and also that Leeds doesnt do 2nd 3rd and 4th Chemo –well come on now that just cant be true. they ought to be talking to other hospitals and see what they do.

I will try to find the answers from my team and I have a LUNG DOG meet in November and this will be on my notes. We were told that if  postcode treatment will not be tolerated in the new NHS well I think there is a problem now.

WE had lunch and I said we would go out as ray wanted to go to Curry’s guess what I feel asleep, I will be so glad when this Chemo is finished and I stay awake again.

It was to late to go out so we just relaxed but it was pouring hard.

At last about 4.30 it stopped and the sun came out again .

I had said we wouldn’t go camping tonight as it has got so cold but also my bloods are down as I have had bruises  on my arm when I picked Louis up yesterday, so really I shouldn’t mix with people as germs are my enemy at the moment. I could wear a mask I suppose like you see japanese  on telly as they walk in cities.

Then tonight we heard of another Bridge in trouble. The poor motorists in Kent in two days have had such huge hold ups .

The Dartford crossing is such a busy place as people travel from and to Kent from Essex but on a Friday night to have a suspicious package left and the bomb disposal have to come in to sort it and all traffic held up.

dartford toll

This is a picture that I have never seen before as the Toll is empty. We have used this so many times on our journeys and we just have never been lucky to not queue. it is a real bottle neck.

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