Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- The sun is still shinning and I have a plan


The summer is hanging on after a heavy deluge of rain that we woke up to yesterday. Everywhere was soaked but the sun came out again and it is out again today.

It has got cooler in the mornings but  it warms up again as the day progresses. What would we talk about if we didn’t talk about the weather. You can shout out to a neighbour ” Lovely weather” or like yesterday I shouted out ” Breezy today” and you get a lovely smile back and that makes my day.

We did have a restful day yesterday and as Ray said we watched the workman laying a patio next door. It is fascinating to watch and they do so much in a day.

I watched two films and then we went on our dog walk around the streets and back past the shop where I dropped in. Honest though the prices are so much more than the Supermarkets I think, No Im not paying that, but there are buy on get on free BOGOF!! that brings things back to Supermarket price but did I really need two of everything.

A warrior was saying how she found her Mums diary yesterday while clearing and sorting. That does seem to always be the saddest thing to find a diary and to read how a person really thought..

I have only done my blog which is a diary and my family  read that but my son and DIL don’t read me blog.

My DIL says if she needs to know anything she will phone and talk to me but I bet she does have a crafty look now and again. Bless her.

Keeping busy is very good and I try and do something each day. At the moment I try and tidy up a part of the garden each dayas the Autumn approaches and the plants get ready for winter.

Jan had her scan and she is happy now she has read the disk. She has the scan,s done Private so she can bring them away on a disk to take to the Oncologist on Tuesday. I have done this in the NHS but we couldn’t read it as it didnt work on my computer it need a NHS keyword.

I have begun to realise Jan is right about treatment and knowledge being so different between North and South.

I have had a PM from a warrior, she has explained about the treatment her darling Mother got. Im amazed at the story of three lung collapses over a lot of years and Mesothelioma wasn’t  picked up.

I have asked other warriors to Pm so I can put together these stories and present them to the Health Minister to make sure Mesothelioma is known by all medics everywhere –It will be an interesting piece  of work. and I have a plan !!!!

Well another day  is before us and I do not know what to get up to but  I bet I will find something to do.

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