Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Won a pair of cuff links on Facebook Wow!!!

Had a surprise yesterday when I went into Motorhome Fun there were messages that I had won cuff links on Facebook.

One of my camping friends on Fun had seen it on Facebook and had put a message out. Jim who runs Fun had put my photo up. Made me laugh you never know when you are being talked about.

I went into Facebook and yes they were right I had liked the Cufflinks and my name had come out of the Draw.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of our 100 Likes Draw.

Hearty Congratulations go to Mavis Nye.

Mavis has won her choice of links from our range and I will be completing her pair tomorrow!

Once again a huge thank you to everyone for their support!

Nick The Links Effect

I had a private message and Nick asked me to choose what I wanted so I have chosen Rays initials on a light blue back ground and nick said he will make them up for me. How lovely was that.

They will be like these


So that cheered up my Monday

It had been a very wet day with heavy rain on and off. Chilly as well the summer really has gone.  Ray hovered around as the Dustmen took the rubbish and it would appear Ray has got it right, as we didn’t get a ticket and they took everything away. How sad is that when we have to wait to see if the will take it. When Ray took Louis for his walk there wee many neighbours who were not so lucky and they had the naughty labels . Even the farm up the lane he had a naughty label Ray said. I can see people will get very annoyed soon. Someone ought to walk around and tell people just what they have done wrong.

So washing all the rubbish has meant we had a Pass whoopee! whoopee !!!

This week I have to get my mind ready as I go into my last Chemo my 6th session coming up.

On the whole it has been easier and yet the tiredness has been very bad. Sleeping on and off all day through all that lovely weather and now I’m finishing it is winter and the cold weather. Didn’t time that right did I.

We cant go away this week as we have someone coming to empty the fish pond and I will have  a raised bed instead.. Then we will be able to get the garden ready for the winter bit by bit.

I wouldn’t be such good company anyway after chemo as it is Carboplatin  and  Gemcitobine together and it has been a bit harder to stay awake on the double one. Next week is just one and that’s it I will be finished.

Still haven’t had a date for the scan but I have the Oncologist appointment for the 20th October so I need to allow 3 weeks for them to process and read the scan so it had better come soon. I know they have a new system in place that has been holding things up so maybe that has been sorted.

I had this on Facebook



Gosh it shocks you when you only have 15 weekends to shop in and get things in for Xmas and to plan what to do.

We are almost half way through September where do the weeks go.

Rays blog


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