Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Bloods done Chemo Friday

I don’t mind if it rains over night but all day as well makes it boring.


This picture is full of sunshine and makes you feel better

Yesterday I had to set off to the hospital to have my bloods taken and I was convinced my blood was out as I have a nasty bruise on my arm and all I did was to pick Louis up. The carpark was full so Ray dropped me off at the Chemo  ward and he went off to find a space. I told him to stay there and read a book as it must be very hard him sitting and seeing so many people waiting.

As it was it was packed in the waiting room which meant the chemo room it self must be packed and very busy. So many people with Cancer now a days.  A nurse put it that in actual fact it is because cancer is being found early now a days it does mean there are more people in treatment. So yes I have to agree with that and its great that Cancer is treatable. Its in fact lucky that Chemo is used first then they operate that is the only way to cure cancer, Im very jealous of that as we are not offered operations as our Mesothelioma can not be found that early. I had no symptoms, no pain , nothing indicated to me through the years that I had Cancer.

I was soon called in by my Chemo nurses and my bloods were taken. One said ” I have found your blog, all I did was google your name” Gosh don’t do  that as I fill the screen with all the things I have written or done. So embarrassing as it will be on there for ever as there is no way you can retract anything.

My book is gradually being read as well by the sister and she has given it all around the nurses. Which pleases me as I have made them aware of Mesothelioma.

I came away and out into the grey day I phoned Ray and he came out of his parking space to meet me.

We went to Tesco and had a lunch and then came home to the dogs greetings.

I fell asleep and really went off into a deep sleep. I will be glad when the Chemo is over and I get back to a normal life, Eating and sleeping is so boring.

I waited to 6pm and there wasnt a phone call so surprised my bloods must be OK and Chemo will take place Friday

The evening was very wet with very heavy rain, monsoon sort of rain, and this morning we still have rain.

Louis was making a weird noise on  the bed so I went to see why. He had his claw stuck in his collar, poor thing I dont know how long he had been patiently waiting for me to sort him out but I did think it funny that when I got up he hadn’t followed me.  I unhooked him and he came into the den with me and fell asleep for ages. Bless!!

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