Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Last Chemo Wooo Hooo!!!


Mmmmm!!! I can smell these lovely Hyacinths

Well last Chemo has been done and Im now free.

I met a lovely young lady in the waiting room who smiled and I could tell she wanted to chat so I spoke to her. She has Breast Cancer and has had a breast off and her Lymph glands taken out already. She said how they woke her up in the Op to tell her there was more cancer than they thought and then took her whole breast off. Today was her first Chemo and she thought we all had the same Chemo. I don’t like that when they draw you out to talk about your cancer. I have to say there is no remission with mine and that glaceed sad face shows from them when Iam so positive about it.

She had to go for a scan so off she went and I got called into the ward.

Once again everyone was saying Hi Mavis Last one today. So amazing that they all know they are mainly very young nurses just setting off in their training.

I had a long chat with the nurse about the changes and damage it has done to my body and she was saying how Chemo can change the DNA, especially bone marrow in Leukemia.

Chemotherapy Agents that Attack DNA

DNA is a long molecule consisting of repeating patterns of molecules called nucleic acids bound to a backbone of sugar molecules and phosphate groups. For most of a cell’s lifecycle, the DNA exists as long strands looping around the interior of the nucleus where they interact with the cellular machinery that operates the cell. For a cell to successfully divide, a complete copy of the DNA must be made. This duplication is ongoing inside the cell’s nucleus. Once the copy is made, and the cell is ready to divide, the original and duplicate copies of the DNA carefully coil and wind into tight bundles called chromosomes so that they can easily divide between the two “daughter” cells. When the DNA wraps up into chromosomes, the information contained in the genetic code is not available to the cell, which means that many normal cell functions, including DNA duplication, suspend temporarily. Once the division is complete, the chromosomes uncoil and the process starts again.

Topoisomerase inhibitors interfere with a substance called a topoisomerase. The role of the topoisomerase is to facilitate the chromosomes’ uncoiling after cell division. By preventing this, topoisomerase inhibitors keep the chromosomes from unfolding into their biologically active state, thereby preventing not only normal cellular functions, but also further cell division. Some examples of these types of drugs include topotecan and irinotecan.

Read more:

Now I have baffled you with science is it no wonder I have a damaged body it wasn’t meant to with stand the chemicals we load into it.

I wish they could find a kinder way to hit Cancer. My neighbour has said how her friends daughter has had a relapse in her Leukemia. They said she was clear after her chemo treatment now they say that cancer cells do hide and then grow on again. Her chemo now is Arsenic –my goodness that seems a bit naughty but its true I wonder if they have looked at that to kill mesothelioma.

So that’s the day it is all over and now I have to chase my Appointment for a CT scan for the Oncologist to read on the 20th October.  I cant have my PICC line removed until then so I have to arrange for the District Nurse to come every week to clean it.

We called in a Tesco as I had forgotten some things and the sun was shinning away and it has really warmed up. They had promised this weekend would be lovely -Well they are right Life is so lovely and here i go living it xxx First though an early night and a rest as I still have to let this Chemo work -just a little bit more –Pleeze

Im not as free as I wanted to be but I can start to sneak a rally in each weekend until 20th.

I have asked on Facebook for info on 4th line Chemo and swollen ankles and the  sore skin I have on my legs where the fluid breaks through. The GP has given me Epaderm for this and it is softening my shins down. My question was —  —  My body is wrecked and the fluid in the ankles is very bad. They tell me to always sit with legs up but that’s not always possible. I cant take water tablets as I only have one kidney. Do I sacrifice the kidney and take water tablets I find it hard to walk around the park at night time with Ray and Louis as the fluid by then has made my legs so hard up to the knee. My fear is heart failure -I use Epaderm for the sore dry skin that has occurred where the fluid breaks through the skin and that has done a lot for the healing of the skin. I dont put all this in my Blog I should but my family read the blog and they will worry. ( so family turn away now as this is all to do with my Cancer. Is there any patient or carer out there who knows all about this . My fear is I will drown in fluid. The hospital nurses and GP and Onc now I have this and seem to treating it as normal –just keep my feet up am I over worrying.?

I had a lot of good answers,  One being to wear compression tights. I will try this now its cooler I don’t mind wearing them.

Also– Important to keep the circulation moving to prevent clots. Not sure if you have a loss of sensation with the swelling but if so, extra care when clipping toe nails as risk for infection increases when circulation is compromised. Edema is a commonly reported side effect of carboplatin affecting those over the age of 50 more then their younger cancer counterparts.

Darling Rod said –Hi Mavis, sorry to come in a bit late with this. Mary is right on, Jules used to wear compression stockings and used to get me to massage her feet to aid the circulation. She used to lay on the couch with her feet on a couple of pillows and I would massage away – it really seemed to make a huge difference.

But today at Chemo we had a good talk  It defo isnt my heart as I have had tests it is the Chemo as Im so toxic Im also verging on anemic I have had a blood test again today and they are looking into it all for me so I will report back if I get a phone call for the result. thanks for all the help xx

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