Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- MY CT Scan Appointment was Phoned to me –Wonderful!!

The day started with me having a great lie in. I felt a little better and during the day I got stronger and found I could walk around better. Ray had to take the car for its MOT so I saw him off and tidied through put some washing on. The day was grey and the sun didnt come out until the Afternoon.

Ray came home elated that the car had got through. Its like going to the dentist you never know what the bill will be. But all was good.

It was rubbish day and they took the bins so Ray got it right except for 2 little bits they gave us back –oh goodness rubbish is rubbish but it has taken over our life’s ??

A phone call from the hospital and I couldn’t believe it the lady was asking me if Thursday at 5pm would be OK  for my Scan. I was going to phone them?? and here she was asking me. It will be at K& Canterbury but I must not eat 2 hours before or drink fizzy drinks. Thats a new one but I had read jan and Tess saying that so I wasnt shocked.

Just shocked that I had a phone call and that the letter will go in the post. The new system must be working better.

I cooked a lunch and rested although I didnt drop of to sleep like normal afterwards. I realised I was really beginning to feel better and Ray said I looked so much better. Phew !! Im getting out of the clutches of Chemo.

I was messaging poor Jan as her Tummy is so full of fluid and as she revealed her story to me I began to see just what rubbish treatment she was receiving in the North East.

(but this is how I ended up paying: I came home from hols on July 6 with a large tummy and trouble breathing. My gp sent me to get an X-ray at bishop. The radiologist came out and told me he thought I had a pe and needed to go to Darlington, my gp was ringing ahead. I went to the admissions ward where they did some tests. I mentioned my tummy being extended as well. A ct scan was organised for my chest as they thought I had a pulmonary emb the next day and gave me a blood thinning shot, sent me home.)

Then she wrote

(A different doctor then tried, he missed completely but left the drain insitu with the hope that me moving around would swish the fluid down to the drain. It didn’t so after 4 hours of pain he came back and removed it. He told me an appointment would be sent out to me to have another attempt. That was July 29 and I’ve heard nothing else from the Nhs.)

If Jan hand’nt of been able to go Private she would still be waiting for an appointment and her tummy would be a horrendous. Size. What we as meso patients dread is that we will get to a point of no return where the Mesothelioma will win. Patients then go down so fast.

I have told Jan she not only has good grounds for a complaint to go through but she should write this journal into a book form.

I public Opologies  For thinking her so negative with her Hospital and so she gives negative answers to Warriors always downing her hospital and treatment -no wonder as she just hasn’t had the great treatment we get from East Kent Hospitals. Maybe she should  move here to the South.

Im collecting up the stories of Patients so I can map out where the bad treatment is and I will talk in my Lung Dog meet in November.

I had a phone call from another Warrior who is loosing her Dad anytime now It is so sad there isnt any cancer like ours for the backing from other patients and carers. Our Cancer is man made and we can prove that as there is so much evidence.

America needs a kick to get it to Ban Asbestos and the work that Linda Rienstein does is going to bring that change.

Watch this Video I have to say its the best plea I have ever heard. A brilliant speech, This is Linda at her best.

British Lung Foundation Issued there updated Take Five to Stay Alive


All in all I feel Im back in the driving seat again, In control of my disease and today I got up my ankles where so tiny and the fluid gone so I weighed myself to find I was a stone less in weight,proving the fluid weighs very heavy no wonder my legs dont want to walk and carry all that  Sitting here they are swelling a little but hey!! how can I sit with them up allthe time. Its impossible. Even if I had one of the invalid scooters can you imagine the sight of me going down the road with legs in the air—No nor can I. he he !!!

A man at Malvern tried to sell one like this.

That would be good fun.

Im going to get my breakfast before you think Im really nutty.  Bye

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2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- MY CT Scan Appointment was Phoned to me –Wonderful!!

  1. Mavis, about feb this year I made contact with you when my father had just been diagnosed with meso, he has now made a video fir the industry and BLF have also made contact to use the video, you can view it via you tube Alans story. He has just finished his 6 sessions over 18weeks, now waiting for the scan next month to find out if it has managed to stunt the tumour.

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