Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Garden worked on -and Large Hadron Collider might be able to help us cancer Patients in the future

We had a terrible nights sleep. Louis wanted to eat grass and got so panic stricken I was really worried about him. I went out 1.15am and cut grass for him bringing it back inside for him.

He calmed down and then started again at 3.15 so Ray got dressed and took him out and I made a cup of coffee and turned the telly on for a while. Boring !!!!  Gave Louis his Metacam –We went to sleep and Louis calmed right down thank goodness. We went on the net when we got to see what we could do. Feeding him in 3 little meals is one thing so Im starting to that but the little rascal has slept all day long.

Its been a lovely sunny day today and Ray got out and worked in the back garden. It was good to watch him back to his old self and carrying out a project again.

I did go out and do a little bit of weeding but I was still weak so I came back in and made lunch for us. He was so grateful to come in and have a rest.

I pottered around and then sat down and fell asleep as Ray worked in the garden again. We were waiting for a delivery of topsoil -No delivery grrr.

Now he is hobbling with his back bad –Oh dear I knew we should get Garden Squirrels to come and do the work.


This is great news today I hope they get this into production soon

The collaboration has slashed the cost of proton beam therapy, a type of cancer treatment that fires high-precision beams of particles at tumours, minimising damage to surrounding body tissue.

While the Large Hadron Collider is the world’s biggest physics experiment, its technological advances have made it possible to shrink the size of equipment needed to accelerate protons to the speeds needed for blasting tumours.

Im pleased something really good is coming out of this.

Jan is happy today as they are putting her on chemo, Vinorelbine, and a trial plan into action and its good to see her happy again. Lou is going on with chemo but Gem/Carbo .-Jimmy is going back to Barts for Chemo next week











We have lost a US Warrior which is so very sad to hear and other UK Mesowarriors are in pain and have their Daughters so unhappy I hope all those suffering with Meso have a better nights sleep My love and heart goes out to all of them xx



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