Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Sunday again


Its Sunday xx

Another weekend where I have been stuck in feeling so tired. I have another week to get through and then I should start to feel back again and free from Chemo.

I have really really had a good morning and polished the bedroom floor. Well not polish exactly I sprayed WD40 and polished that in with a mop. Did you know you could do that.

I even cleaned the stainless steel kettle and coffee pot

Once you start  you don’t stop ha ha !!

We had been up again with Louis in the night and he goes mad for grass. I walked him out at 11pm all around the park and hoped he would be OK but no Ray had to take him again at 4.15

Crazy we think its because he pinched a little bit of chocolate although we also found a plastic label in bits so it might have been that.

He is great now after sleeping most of the day and a lambs heart and liver freshly cooked for dinner tonight.

Ray has been tidying in the garden and making a better place for all these dustbins we now have. He did a great job as it involved tidying up his tool cupboard, not an easy job.

I cant wait to be able to do the garden but my bloods are still recuperating from being so low. I haven’t had the result to see if I’m anemic. I suppose I should chase that.

I have been eating all the purple and red vegetables.

So a very quiet weekend is nearly over.

I must get out more

Today might mark a real break through in a Cancer Cure It has given us so much hope

Scientists have developed breakthrough drugs that cure skin cancer.

The treatment is already having ‘spectacular’ effects in seriously ill melanoma patients – and could soon be used to defeat other types of cancer.

One scientist said it was ‘amazing’ that researchers could talk  of ‘using the C-word – cure’ for the first time, while another said trials among kidney and lung cancer patients are ‘very exciting’.

A warrior put the link  on Facebook —and Rod (my Aussie Friend ) said  ” It has hit the nightly TV news services in Australia ……. it ties in nicely with the clinical trials happening in Australia and else where. The genome factor is really what it all seems to be all about. Identifying what triggers reactions and hence how to counter act them within our bodies.
If this is fair dinkum, imagine the lives it will save in Australia – just on the skin cancer angle alone. It really is exciting …….. but most of all it is HOPE!”
Wow amazing it is going round the world so it really must be true.  We get so many false alarms but this does sound good.

Ray has emailed a Professor about another trail here in UK that he had been reading about and didn’t tell me until he had done it. He has really become desperate to help me to find treatment.  The trial is in Leicester but its going to be done local and as stem cells are involved it does sound good. He has poured his heart out so that will be good for Ray feel good.

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