Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Gardening done and a visit from a spider Ekkk

I cant believe the size of the spiders that are running about. I got up yesterday and sat on the computer splat a huge huge spider fell on my keyboard and rolled on a paper bag . We  both stared each other in the eyes, I take it was stunned from a fall from a shelve. The worse thing is it could have bee from my head, that it was in the bedroom and thought it would climb on the bed. The thought appalls me as they say you eat 8 spiders in a lifetime. -The thought that this one could have been making for my mouth –oh no !!! I squirted it with fly killer, the one we bought in Spain , it gets rid of everything. With this it ran behind the hard drive and I thought that’s great but when I moved everything out the way there is a hole where the cables go down, so it must be on the floor dead somewhere. I will have everything out today and see if he is around.

It was very grey in the skies yesterday so I waited to see if the sun would come out but no so out in the garden. Ray put the turfs down and I went round to the side I call my working side, only because I hang the washing on the line as the sun is there in the morning.


Ray is hoping Louis will eat this grass in the early hours when the dog is going mad for grass –He he !! I bet he doesn’t

I cut down all the plants that had been flowering in the summer and put more bark down to suppress the weeds. I raked the gravel and removed the weeds from here. It is a pretty weed that grows and has a yellow flower. Weeds are only flowers coming up in the wrong place.  I have a garden chair and boy did I keep using it sitting down to recover my breath but I was so pleased with myself as I dd it all.

Its good to be back as I realised its since April that I have been in chemo. Well Im back although my body has been ruined by the drugs so each year I look a little worse.

The rest of the day I relaxed and cooked dinner.

I came  to the computer and had a catch up on how the other Warriors have been.

Steve said in the USA — They drained 1000 ml from my chest in theatre and another 1500 ml since then and it is still draining.  The doctor also did a tap on my bad left side and got 500 ml out of there.  So, it is no wonder that I couldn’t breathe properly with that much fluid pressing against my good lung.————–Heavens that’s  sounded so much, I was reading that as litres silly thing 1000ml is just over a pint. I had 7 ltrs drained  how does a body put up with so much fluid.

Tess, Steve Lou and Jan are all doing very well and have had a good week. Jan has her drain in her tummy and that is working fine and she now has all the treatment at last, she has a District Nurse and Macmillan all in place Her team are talking about her chemo so she should hear soon as it takes about 2 weeks to set that up, well that’s what I find happens.

There are so many others in pain I hope they get that under control and have a better week.

It was the Mesothelioma UK patients and carers  conference but this year it was in Leicester not London, but it is also the first one without Debbie and I just couldn’t face it. Every year we met up with her and she would save me a seat beside her where we swapped presents and caught up on each others news. We exchanged views on each speaker and also we have spoken there as well and told our stories. I never believed Debbie wouldn’t be around to be there as we helped each other through Mesothelioma. We phoned and messaged on Face book and I still have all her messages I cant delete them and often read back through them. We talked about trials and the latest ones being reported, re would talk about other people and what they had written about on Facebook, talking about our views before we answered. So it would have been very hurtful to have gone to the Conference. We are all going to a party next Saturday to say goodbye to a warrior who is going to Australia (I will give details next week)  This is doing something different so Im looking forward to meeting MesoWarriors there. That will be a happy time.

Well the sun is really shinning today so a good day to go for a walk .

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