Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I need some Conkers Winter is here by the end of the week.

One day is rolling into another as winter is getting nearer to us.

The mornings have a sea mist and that engulfs the home over night. We have condensation on the outside of the windows in the early morning.

They dew highlights all the spiders webs so I will have to go to the woods and find Chestnuts to replace the ones that have dried out under the wardrobe and chest of drawers.

Sunday was so quiet as I did my washing and hung it out in the brilliant sunshine. It was a lovely day but we sat around bored really. Ray took Louis up the lane but even he was interested in a walk, Louis that is , not Ray.

After sitting around watching telly I said can we go for a walk. I made it round and the sun was very warm so the coat I had put on was needed, I was hot.

It was amazing that I hadnt been around for a while, as we drive out for walks, Neighbours have been working in their gardens and one was really changed. the grass was gone and large stone and rocks were laid , we all get rid of grass nowadays but that is why we flood more. TV programs with Alan Titmarsh made it fashionable to gravel everywhere. Low Maintenance gardens.

The walk was really nice  and I must do more of it to get my muscles stronger. Move it or lose it comes to mind.

Its 5 years almost since I went to keep fit.


This will be the 2nd week since Chemo so I want to really start to feel better I have a desire to try and get fit and to try and be able to walk as long as possible. The weather yesterday made me feel I could breath very well, It was a real pleasure to walk but there was no wind. I realise it is the wind that weakens me. The east wind will be blowing by Friday the weatherman said and it will be cold. That’s when I go down hill. Another winter to get through.

I have had a message today from a newly Diagnosed patient who wants help and not on facebook. This really saddens me as new suffers are seeking help. I remember  so well the confusion and panic I felt in the first days of diagnoses. You cant believe you have a disease that can not be cured. That 3 month death sentence is so unbelievable.

I and other Warriors like Jan and Lou in Australia do help on the phone and  can only talk of our experiences and knowledge we have learnt. The Mesothelioma UK Conference is over now and from what I have read Im amazed how we Warriors banding together are giving out accurate Info that we have found for ourselves.  Im proud of that fact and so pleased we do exchange info between us so we all know where the best trials are and where the best Doctors are as it seems we have to seek and find for ourselves. It is how we will carry on and survive.



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