Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Tankerton in the sun and Doc Martin was a let down.

What a lovely warm day yesterday was. Housework done we went to  Tankerton slopes although on the way the traffic was very heavy as visitors were visiting us before the weather turns as they forecast for the weekend.

We went wrong by turning into a road we always use but there was a road close as they had turned it into a one way. Ooops we had to get out of that one with all the drivers looking. Goodness knows what they were saying???

Going through the High Street we could see they had the road up at the Horsebridge so that was no entry. We saw that though and it is a normal winter happening.

Tankerton was lovely as we walked in the sunshine and Louis was so pleased to see his old friends as they were on their walks. He really is a pleasure to take for a walk as he greets and walks past other dogs. He gets told he is a good dog more than  –No Bark now.



The Beech huts are all shut for the winter now and Christmas is just 2 months away but it is a summers day .

We found a load of conkers in a garden where Ray collected them up so I could put under the wardrobe and chest of draws and other places. Spiders don’t like conkers and will stay out (well that’s the idea)

We went from there to Sainsburys for shopping but Ray walked Louis while I was in there as the car was very warm in the sun.

Came home to Lunch and rest in the afternoon before making the dinner.

I put on my Facebook wall The dog is freaking me out he is sitting and now laying and watching under my chair looking this way and that –has he seen that big spider I sprayed it well it should be dead –what if it isnt –help!!! I have conkers all around me like garlic and Vampires .

he acted weird right up to going to bed. We don’t know if it was a spider or a fly but he was petrified to  go into the hall on his own. Ray went up the hallway and Louis stuck right on his heels then he came back and growled. Heavens it was real freaky and we were so pleased when he at last went to sleep.

I was really looking forward to Doc Martin last night as they were tackling the subject of Asbestos and Meso as I thought.

Im afraid they failed badly.

Ok it might bring awareness to the subject but they turned it into a joke. It had been used in a story line on BBC1 in Casualty and that was covered really well.

Last night was just a waste. One day maybe they will cover it better in a soap so as to really show what the disease is like and what Asbestos does to families.

In happy contrast, the batty pharmacist Mrs Tishell (Selina Cadell) delights in bugging her temp Jenny (Annabelle Apsion) who is supposedly supervising her. And Penhale (John Marquez) leaps into mad action at the drop of the word “asbestos”. But the suspect insulation turns out to be something else. Penhale, a laughing stock once more, asks handyman Malcolm sourly: “Why couldn’t you just put asbestos in the houses, eh?”

Oh well one day they might get it right.

I put on the Wall Of Doc Martin on Facebook —I love this program but it has let Mesothelioma sufferers down by making such a big joke about Asbestos. You could really have raised Awareness of the dangers of DIY and Asbestos. I suppose you did but it turned into a joke. Could you make amend’s and cover it again in a drama——————–

In contrast Linda Wride has written a great report on the Mesothelioma UK Conference that we didnt go to.

She said  –Perhaps selfishly, we were hoping to hear good news for meso warriors and bloggers like Steve, Mavis, Lou, Tess and Jan who have far outlived the “median” survival rate, already have two or more chemo regimes (and in some cases, major surgical interventions) under their belts and are looking for ways forward from here on in.

I have to say, there was not much to get the pulse racing from the speakers in that respect.  It was the longer term survivors who got up and spoke at the conference that got the heart thumping.  People like Graham Sherlock-Brown (diagnosed in 2002 and still going strong); William Burleigh (Burley?) who will have survived 15 years post-diagnosis by the end of this year; Alastair who was diagnosed in 2008 and Chris, a 9 year survivor, who provided living proof not to give too much weight to survival rate statistics.  Not forgetting Steve, who stood up to give his message of hope!—————————————

It is wonderful to hear of long survivals but really they must keep up with us and keep finding new treatment for us that are surviving  as Chemo only knocks it back but cant cure it. We need that extra something that can cure it. It is starring them in the face but they have just not seen it yet. We live in the fact that a cure is just around the corner.

Rays Blog  a link to help those with bad backs as well as Ray


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