Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Rays Heart Check Up and a man walking with a cross in Canterbury ???

Its been a busy day today as we had to get up so early for Rays appointment.

I had to go to Cathedral ward as well as the District Nurse couldn’t get the cap off my PICC Line.

It doesn’t stop her flushing it as they just go in the top as there is a valve in the cap. All cleaned but suggested I go and get a new top.

Everyone in the Chemo ward was pleased to see me but I explained what was wrong. They didnt agree that I had to go there and I sat done and with one turn the cap came off. Embarrassing. The nurses were good though and could see it wasn’t my fault.

I went round to Ray where he was in Clinic C and we had a long wait, as we had come early to miss the traffic. There was a lot of hold ups but we were still early. Rays lovely surgeon turned up and Ray was first in.

He was very thorough with all his questions and Ray did well answering.

Everything is looking good and I explained how Ray has done so well considering I was in Chemo, so it was a case of looking after each other, since March .

We came away really pleased and lots of hand shakes.

He has had tablets added to his little pile -so we had to go to Whitstable Chemist to make sure they then added them to his others.

On the way home we saw a sight we couldn’t believe, Was it Easter–no well a man was walking along dragging a cross on wheels.

No don’t believe me –I cant blame you but we whisked our phone out and got a photo.


It was great to watch people take a second look, what is the story behind this ?? We may never know he wasn’t even going the way to the Cathedral . He might be though and trying to miss people in the High Street.

I was looking for a good recipe book for ideas for heart helping dishes. I did pick up a little one but really I have got enough. I bought some good fruit  and then walked back to the car in the Gorral Tank. That was enough for me I started to do my drunk walk as Ray calls it, when Im tired I trip up still and now its cold im worse again and breathless.

I was so pleased to see the car and get home, but the heavens opened and the rain has poured down now.

I have all my party gear ironed and ready to pack this evening. so an earlier night tonight.

So Dinner to cook for my men (Ray and Louis)

Rays Thursday Blog


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