Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A day of rest after the wild weekend.

linda skype

Linda’s son Skyped at the party

Someone I left out yesterday was Chris White -son of my Mesowarrior Friend Ronnie who is now an angel.

chris white

Chris with his lovely Father, It was so nice to see Chris again as he is a lovely guy and was so good of him to drop by to say Hi to us and Bye to Linda T

Well yesterday was a day of rest as I was exhausted from the Party at the weekend . Lots of happy memories though and we also spent yesterday looking at all the photos on Facebook.

I had a surprise call from the radio station asking if I would do an interview on the new Mesothelioma Reform Bill which of coarse I  have agreed to do. I spent a long time reading up on it so I would fully understand the questions asked.

So Wednesday will be exciting.

Other than that it was a normal day. Ray is looking for a descent camera again. Tut Tut !!

I did watch BBC1 and the search for  Madeleine McCann and wondered why they hadn’t put the same effort when she actually disappeared and this was really fresh in peoples mind. I fear the trail is to cold and yet they had a great success with people phoning information in.

Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have said they had an “overwhelming response” to an appeal on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme.

Officers suggested that Madeleine’s disappearance in Portugal in 2007 bore hallmarks of a “pre-planned abduction”.

Scotland Yard said it was also looking into possible links to burglaries and bogus charity collections in the area.

It said officers would be following up the lines of inquiry provided

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she was found alive. The mental anguishes would be sorted out but she might remember her parents and the twins.

But I know that’s asking such a lot, but then none of us want to think of the other horrific side to this story.

Today I have to get myself back into things and do some shopping and take Louis for a walk somewhere.

Flu jabs are on Saturday so essential for us with Cancer. It doesn’t take a lot to snuff out our candle of life. Infections are caught and that is it warriors have just down hill very fast.

Not long and I have my appointment next week with Dr Cominos where she will tell me my results. I could have phoned to get them earlier but something stops me. I know the chemo was really working after just 2 goes. After 6 I hope it has flattened it. But Im getting pains on the right hand side and I don’t want to even think that it has started there. I keep telling myself that its nerves (which it can be ) Meso doesn’t spread out of an area but new growth can start at anytime. Now Im at 4 years going to five years where im among 5 % who survive to and then its 1% who get to 10 years and I always did say I would get to that 1 %, Even the oncologist has said I proved her wrong so we shall see.  Rays Blog


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