Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I have had my Flu Jab

Another Lazy day yesterday except I did enjoy cooking the Lunch and dinner. Rays Camera came to we took some photos to try it out .


I love the horses that are kept out on the Salt Marshes they do come over to greet you for food but of coarse you shouldn’t do that




The Blackberries are still waiting to be picked and have been very plump this Autumn

I did drape the dragonfly lights better than Ray had them so that they are all around the herb garden, and I did pick some herbs. The smell of Mint, Chives  and  Parsley was divine as i cut the leaves off. I used them in a salad with Greek Cheese and Olives for lunch.

Dinner was Salmon and Rice with Vine tomatoes.

So I watched my soaps and have to admit Emmerdale was the best acting I have ever seen. They deserve to win all the prizes this year.

Corie was a bit to like what Ray and I are going through as Haley travels on the path of cancer. It was about Living wills and be helped in suicide, something I couldn’t even think of  such a thing.

This morning we had to go and get our Flu jab and what was surprising was they were offering the Shingles Vaccine. I hadn’t booked that as I didn’t know, why dont they tell you when you book the Flu Jab.

The surgery waiting room was full, but I expected that. We didn’t have long to wait before 1120,1125,1130 were called out and we all stood outside of the waiting rooms. Ray and I went into together and we were jabbed. She wished me luck with my scan result on Thursday which was nice of her. Seems there is so many people waiting with me for the good news.

We have lost one a day of the Mesowarriors so the feeling of standing in a line has hit me again. I cant keep missing the call can I. Im doing everything possible to miss it. The Mediterranean diet is lovely and very tasty with all the herbs in the cooking. and loads and loads of tomatoe.

We came out and I went to my butchers to buy  Louis some Kidney, heart and chicken roasties for us. It was raining so we were glad to get back to the car and home for a coffee and lunch.

We have snuggled in and I will cook the roasties soon, they are chicken breasts wrapped in Bacon and stuffing inside.

Anther day done almost but we will watch Telly tonight and a couple of films.

linda auss

You cant blame Linda for going out to Australia can you. She is with her family at last and she will be so happy, something she deserves so much .

Rays Blog


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