Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Rain!!! Rain !!!

I have been very lazy the past few days.

I  have done housework bit by bit. I do a room out and then sit down so it has taken 2 days. Well its been raining so no problem to stay in as the rain is so Monsoon like. I pity the people who are out in it.

Ray did take Louis but we flood so easy here in the lane as the motorway goes up a hill and they never thought about the way the rain will flow back down the hill and swamp our lane. Always remember when we first moved down here and my brother went through the flood. He turned round and went back and then went through again, he said he had never traveled through water like it. Do men ever grow up ?? xx


You cant see the hill in the back ground as it is covered with Mist and Rain


The garden is getting a good watering and the road out the front is like a river, is this going to be a very wet winter ??

Its better than the fires they have in Australia I have been talking to my Australian friends and they are all safe but this is a huge fire. 200 miles how bad is that,

A New South Wales Rural Fire Service volunteer puts out a spot fire in Bell on 20 October 2013

Melissa White assists her sister Christie Daschke at her home in Winmalee destroyed by bushfire on 21 October 2013

Amazing how it runs on the ground and leaves the tops of the trees.

We found this when we were in the fire at La Nusia in Spain and got caught in the Benidorm Mountain Fire.

I hope everyone keeps safe.

I cant wait now to hear my results of my scan as my right lung is painful and I have a searing pain at the bottom of my left Lung. I have started controlled pain relief.

When Im on Chemo I’m mainly pain free. My legs are very sore well mainly my left one. The two big toes throb -I expect that and in the mornings my ankles are tiny at last so the fluid in the legs is rescinding a bit.

But the lung area is naughty. I need to get my mind on something else and not dwell on the pain.

So I need to hear that I have stable and the pain is the tumour lifting off and the nerves aren’t squashed anymore.

I didn’t expect to get flashing pain in my Right Lung– that can clear off.

I had a person say I’m not terminal anymore as I have lived 4 years now. Oh how wrong is that . Its Chemo  that has helped me to beat Meso so far. If I hadn’t had  Chemo the Doctors diagnoses would have been right. This has come about because Doctors are still saying a patient has 3 months to live. I wish they wouldn’t do that and instead say we can prolong your life with Chemo treatment. I know that still isnt good news but it gives you hope you could be around for when the find the cure. They have found the DNA that is in a body of a person with Meso so to find the Meso DNA is a a start . Please give the who;s story and give people hope.

Only 1% reach 5 years so we have seen so many Mesowarriors pass on I wish that could slow down now.  The fact Im one of the 1% is put down to how fit I was at Diagnoses. I dont feel fit now but I do try.

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