Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Waiting for Thursday to come

Today we have been watching the terrible fire in NSW Australia.

The poor people there worrying about their property and the toil on the wild life makes for a very sad story.

You pray for rain heavy rain for them but it doesn’t look like that will happen.


The Black Saturday Bushfires is the name given to the bushfires which started on the 7th of February 2009 in Victoria, Australia. the story is on the Link.

How horrific that fire can do such damage and this on today is on the out skirts of Sidney now. All we can do is pray for them.

The wonderful thing about Facebook is that we have friends everywhere and in Australia Rod wrote to me :-Rod Smith Gosh Mavis, this photo really brings back memories. Jules had only just come good after her first round of chemo, business was flat out, then whoosh – Melbourne ringed by fire. It was scary, this photo was taken near my brothers place.
I was talking to one of the pilots of the Erickson Helicopter Aircrane warter bombers (from Oregon USA but go all over the world, the ones in Australia normally go to Greece or Italy for your summer). He said the fires in Sydney are not near as hot or ferocious as the Victorian fires, but tomorrow is forecast for being catastrophic conditions. The fires are a long way from inner Sydney, but Sydney is very bushy – our Sydney home is only a few miles from the harbour bridge, but is surrounded by bushy parks and gullies.
Fires can move 50 miles in an hour – in short, no one is safe. But they are very prepared ……….. to have not lost anyone to the fire (the one reported death was a man who had a heart attack) is a true miracle, we do have a lot to thank God for!  xxx

Lou has explained to me she has had to plan and cut vegetation all around her home as you have to always prepare for fires before summer.  I learn so much from Facebook.

Good luck Lou with this weeks Chemo.

I have been so  sleepy again this afternoon  but then this morning I did tidy all our wardrobes and draws and Ray said where  are the things your throwing away. ermm yes –1 thing.

Im so bad at chucking away.

Tomorrow im going to do better as I really must sort through under the Otter man bed, well I hope to — They say Rain for tomorrow morning  so that will be a good excuse to stay in.

Well this is Tuesday almost over so only Wednesday to get through and then Hospital Thursday. I realise how I’m wasting time worrying about scan results. Its the way we are, as we all have this wait our families are waiting and friends are waiting to see if I can go on as the way I see it I have held off the 3 month death sentence so many times but there will come a day when I cant hold it off. Positive, positive I keep telling others but it is just something we say. We have to wait to see what a picture on the computer will tell my Doctors. The scrutinize every inch of my Lungs and body from Pelvic  to neck. They out to check my head to see if i have got a brain as Chemo Brain is getting worse this time around. images

Rays Blog he tok a great picture of the moon last night.


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