Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Scan result is bad news


Well today is a day I didn’t think would happen but I have reached a big decision day. My scan is showing regrowth in some areas . The Chemo did get some areas stable in the scan 3 months ago but the report is showing that it cant hit all the areas.

Ct Thorax Abdomen , pelvis with contrast.

There has been a definite  deterioration in features when comparison is made with a previous study of 15/07/2013. Nodular opacites in the line of the pleura on the left are again noted these all appear to have increased in size. A marker opacity in the line of the oblique fissure inferiorly now measure about 36/22mm in size previously 31/17mm. A pramediastinal  opacacity at the level of the aortic arch has increased from 20x17mm in size up to 27x20mm. no new right sided pulmonary abnormality in the retroperitoneum is identified. The small hyperplastic right kidney is noted. no destrutructive bony lesion is seen.

Comments there has been significant deterioration in features when compared with previous study 15/07/2013.

This is mainly in the form of an increase in the pieural based masses previously noted on the left.

No evidence to suggest disease activity below the diaphragm is seen

So that’s it  the Oncologist asked me what do I want to do and I said. Well let my body have a rest and have another scan in 2 months and lets see if it is growing slow or fast. She was relieved as she thought i was going to say more Chemo and she doesn’t know what to give me, but I said don’t worry I want a rest, and lets see if the chemo is still working it just might be, she agreed.

There is a first line Trial coming out with Vinorolbine and a new drug. I said but  its first line and she said –now listen to this Mesowarriors —1st line trials are for us whatever line we are !!!!! That is new to me. so there is hope with trials then.

I shook her hand ans said I’m sorry I have let you down and she said don’t be silly We will talk again after the next scan.

I went down to the Chemo room in a daze I couldn’t really think. I couldn’t happy or sad but I needed my PICC Line out. All the nurses said hello and how are you. Errr its still growing. Well the reaction of sadness and Im sorry and we all had tears in our eyes. They all came over as the PICC line was removed and I realised they were dress in pink. Pink ribbons and pink tights as they are supporting breast cancer. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did that for Mesothelioma we are so the underdog.

So with the PICC line out and a two month reprieve we came home. We were both very disbelieving but I said right this has to be a great Christmas so there is a lot of planning happening. Im so pleased I threw away so much yesterday and that’s the way I will carry on –throwing away all the rubbish in my mind and in my head. I will carry on with the blog daily and this starts a new chapter, a new fight. When I have got it all straight in my head.

I forgot to say I told her of all the pain I was in so I suspected the news would be bad and she was amazed that I had been right and so she defo wants me on pain management. I said with Morphen and she said lets hang on as you have nerve blockers so 2 Paracetamol and 1 strong codeine every 4 hours  lets see if that helps first. I have taken 1 lot and yes it does help.

Rays blog for Thursday he has got round to today with his thoughts


17 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Scan result is bad news

  1. Hi Mavis,My results are very similar to yours, with some regrowth since the end of the last lot of Pemetrexed + Carboplatin, but not back to before chemo, my decision is very much as yours, 3 months off then scan,then like you we are talking Vinorabine. No mention of trials but will have new oncologist before next scan, so we will see what the new face has to say.I am so pleased to be able to report that I am pretty much pain free still, though I get very breathless suddenly with very little reason. But WE ARE BOTH GOING TO LIVE FOREVER. XXXX

  2. Sending our love to you both…..sorry it wasn’t the best news for you Mavis, but we know your indomitable spirit will rise up again to have the best Christmas ever ! Brenda and Tony xx

  3. Mavis have waited for the news then nothing. Have must opened iPad in the hope of good news and am totally gutted for you. Why won’t this tumour die! This trial with a another drug with vinerolbene could be interesting, will try and find out about it. I wish they could cut part of this out for you, this is so unfair, I can’t write anymore as my eyes are watering with tears of rage and anger, I hoped this was going to be good news.

  4. So sorry that this isn’t the news that we (as well as you and Ray) would want for you Mavis. Maybe it’s an opportunity to “recharge your batteries”, and be fighting fit ready for the next stage of the battle. We hope the pain management works a treat, and allows you to enjoy the wee break, even though winter is nearly upon us.
    J & R. xxx

  5. So sorry to read about your results Mavis. As others have said – time to have a rest and recharge. You have been so positive all along – stay positive!

  6. Stunned Mavis I have come to only expect good news. I know you are a fighter and once you have rested will have some new fight to wage. Love and kisses to you F&D

  7. Mavis, so sorry it wasn’t good news!! {{{hugs}}} and as Frank says, you are a fighter and all warriors need a rest to keep on fighting!

  8. get a few months rest and recharge those batteries. don’t know if you’re winter travellers, if you are, get out in your van (but do wrap up).

  9. Mavis we are so sorry to read of your news, we are also aware how you will come out fighting from the news. Our thoughts are with you always. T&L

  10. This is such crap news, Mave. As Frank says, we love all the positive news that you’ve had. This is a blow.
    But I find your positivity amazing. What an inspiration! For what it’s worth, I think it’s a good decision. Have a really fantastic Christmas, and take stock when the New Year comes around. We have faith in you, girl – but faith in you doing the best thing for you, Ray and the rest of your family, whatever that may be 🙂

  11. So sorry to read your news Mave. Sending you as many positive thoughts as is humanly possible! Much love Keith and Ros xx

  12. Mavis, I’ve just caught up with this, so sorry that it’s still on the march. Have a rest and be positive, and then get back to see what happens next. You’re in uncharted territory here – keep plugging away!
    Mike (and Viv in spirit!)

  13. Right Mavis, this battle is not over you have two months to rest, get your strength back and the fight starts again. Mr Nasty does not know what he took on when he picked a fight with our Mavis!

    In our prayers

    Stewart & Garry

  14. Like the other people here I am so sorry to hear of this awful news. It must be devastating to go through the chemo full of hope only yo find it hasn’t done it’s job. After you have had a rest it will be – fight on!!! You sound as though you have a really good medical team behind you. Love to you both.

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