Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary. Picking myself up again.

clock back















I wish I could put time its self back –right back say 20 years and I would have lived life to the full —maybe on reflection I did and if we did know  when we were going to die  would we really live life any different.

I have always done what I wanted to do and Ray and I have lived as we wanted to. It is so hard to say.

I have had so many letters, emails, and PM’s from so many people that I realised just how many friends I have, even if a lot are cyber. That doesn’t matter we have lived together an laughed together,and we help each other through the bad times. You can see a few in the comments on here and that is what yesterday was like. People have really lifted my spirits for me. My Elder brother has phoned as he couldn’t wait to see my blog. The news has devastated him and as I have always had another answer ready for the next treatment he cant understand I have got to a brick wall, bless him.


I cant see beyond that wall at the moment but its early days yet.  I have to  research after Christmas -this is what we talk about so much we are so ground breaking that My Oncologist doesn’t know what to offer me  this is where we say there should be a central data base -we have pleaded so long. Luckily I have a LUNG DOG Meet in November and Im with Dr Shah who is the Maidstone Doctor for Trials -I will be asking him the questions and they have to find me answers.

take five

Take 5 & Stay Alive Pocket Books are at last being delivered so, if you wish to have some delivered for your group or you can leave them at the Doctors surgery or even a Library e-mail me your name and address to

I was proud to talk on last years campaign

So that me I have really rested yesterday maybe because it was forced on me I had not come to terms with all the bad news. Not many times I drop to the floor but Im taking a long time to pick myself up.We dont know what to think at these times and with no one to say -we will do this or we will do that it leaves you in Limbo really.

Time will tell.

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