Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Big storm is on its way

We have so many warnings that it scares you just what is coming over tonight. We remember the storm of 1987 and this time they have managed to get plenty of warnings out.

The Ferries are not running the trains are not going to run until after the storm has passed.

The weather system, dubbed the St Jude’s Day Storm – named after the patron saint of depression and lost causes, whose feast day is Monday – is expected to reach the south coast of England on Sunday night and into Monday, bringing exceptionally strong winds.

It could develop winds hitting 12 on the Beaufort Scale – the strength of a hurricane.

A powerful weather system developing over the Atlantic could see Britain battered tonight with some of the worst weather conditions since the Great Storm of 1987, forecasters are predicting Will we awake to scenes like this tomorrow

My son rang to make sure we knew about it but how can we not know when its been on all day.

I had to break my news to him and my DIL as I had not been able to tell them the result of my scan.

He was sniffing and I said have you got a cold and he broke down in tears. He said he has been trying for so long to be brave in front of me but collapsed with the tears. Oh bless how can I hurt him like this. Why did Asbestos come into our lives.  I wish Government’s around the world could see what they are doing to people through their greed. We keep on but people are still working with asbestos with no protection.

I have been so blue all day and just sat around as to go out has been impossible in this wind. I feel I must pull myself together and get back into living and doing everything I want to.

I must stop feeling sorry for myself and I will Its Monday tomorrow a new week.

We lost another Warrior today Ian  Edmondson. It is his birthday today  so he entered and left the world on  27-October. How very sad.

He died in his families arms as they whispered it was Ok to go in his own time.













RIP dear Ian as you gain your wings today and fly  over the Rainbow.

So sad !!




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