Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- We lived through the storm


The storm arrived last night dead on the forecasted time of 11pm last night.

Just as we got into be the wind got up and the rain pored down. Then the wind really got up and buffeted us. We could hear dustbins rattle and bangs and clatters it was a wild night.

I did fall asleep and even got up for the bathroom and I never noticed Ray wasnt in the bed. He was walking around to make sure everyone was safe. in the park. In 1987 a roof had lifted off the office in the park and it landed on a home and trapped our next door neighbour  in her Parkhome so with that in mind he was worrying about the safety of other neighbours this time.

He picked up our dustbin but the rubbish was spread out. One way to recycle I suppose.

I did finally get up and make him a drink but it was 8am then and the worse of the storm was over.

Storm clouds over the Sheppey Crossing. Library picture.

Photo: Simon Hazelden sent us this pic from Acton.

On Facebook we have seen so many Photos of the damage like the two above.

We were very lucky we had a flooded lane and a street light broken, several plats and trees were broken off and both our obelisk ‘s were broken so we will have to cut them right back.

I have got on with house work although by the time I changed the bed I was shattered and sat down with a coffee. Ray did all the rest. I made lunch for us and sat down and fell asleep as usual. I will push myself tomorrow when life has settled back to normal.

My mind is easier today about things and life must settle down to normal. I feel Im shutting myself off in my mind and realised thats a question that carers ask on Facebook. Ye Im trying to stop hurting Ray and the family by not saying whats going on in my mind. Trying to come to terms with the fact Mr nasty is growing again, the chemo hasn’t done its job, is very hard.

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