Living With Mesothelioma -Myiary- A Nice Day-

The weather after the storm is lovely as we woke up to the sun shinning.

I had a chat on the computer with Jan and we are very much of the same mind as we face a hard time. Jan is going to start chemo again as she is now at 4th line. She has had the Operation of taking the linings out but by a US Surgeon and although she has been able to get more years than I the Meso hasnt been stopped and so it grows on.

Meso is like a runaway train bearing down on us. You can see it coming but you are powerless to stop it as your best mate (Chemo) has run away.

We both had to get on with the day ahead so we said bye and I got my shower.

Ray had to go to the doctors for a Diabetus check up so Louis and I went with him. The traffic was very heavy and we had forgotten it was half term at the schools. We finally got to the Gorrel Tank car park and Ray went off to the Surgery and I walk Louis to the Harbour

People were buying their fish from the market

So many children with their parents, some were going to the beach where they were fossil hunting for sharks teeth, a popular thing here as at Reculver the banks are breaking down and uncovering the past.

Fossil Collecting at Herne Bay

A lot of the children were going to the Swimming Baths for a shrieking time in there.

I then walked back to the car and waited and waited for Ray, when he did get back he explained that the Nurse was running 1 hour late.

We drove around to Tesco and I went in to shop while Ray took Louis for another walk.

I had forgotten it was Halloween and there will be parties, the children were choosing their costumes for trick and treating,   but soon remembered as the shop was so packed. People were Christmas shopping as well, which has bought the shop to its knees.

Everyone was blocking the way for me just to pop round and get a few bits.

Just a few tills were open as they didn’t see this rush either.

It was lovely to be able to get out and pack the car. Return the trolley and escape.

When I got home i took the frozen bits to the freezer and had a coffee that Ray had made for me and I fell asleep. When I woke up I had to put all the shopping away and tidy up.

A knock at the door bought a lovely Bouquet of flowers from the MesoWarriors


Lovely deep colours thanks so much Warriors xx

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