Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Firework Night and Pigs might Fly

I had my appointment for my scan yesterday —Margate Hospital, well that’s OK only a 18.5 miles each way. BUT the appointments is for 29th November 16.30. That is OK BUT my appointment for  the results and to see my Oncologist is Thursday 5th Dec 15.00. Now you all know how many weeks i have waited for my results. So I phoned Margate and said this wont give me time to get the result to my Oncologist and she laughed –ye laughed and said that’s long enough.

I kept my cool and said ” OK that great” and boy I will keep her up to this. I will say no more and we will just see.

flying pig

You know what I mean ha ha !!!

I had a better day yesterday and today as I try hard to keep buoyed up but I feel so sad at times and you have to put your fears in the back ground. We warriors do share how we feel between us but there isn’t many women with Mesothelioma to talk to now. Its mainly men and they don’t write blogs. The US does better but is just a few of us in UK so we stay in contact. Cling together comparing our thoughts.

I said, in the late afternoon , come on Ray lets do our round walk. I haven’t done it for some while and I manged it very well even though it was dark when we got to the lane, and so many cars with head lights blaring we had to stand up on the grass verge.

But I made it and felt good.

Today has been great again chatting to warriors on Facebook, Jan is doing better now, coping with the stomach drain, just clearing up her chest infection then she will get her Chemo started.

Tess has been in York and then into have her chest drain out after a year. That is some time as I had mine for a  couple of months and that was long enough.

Steve and Linda have been all over the place with Linda taking lovely photos again it means we sit on the computer and see London . Our Linda is a photographer in real life and boy can she gives us good views. They have been to the exhibition at the BBC.

Steve is waiting for his Scan results on the same day as me but then we started this journey at the same time and so pleased he is keeping up with me and our Target is 5 years in 2015. Wow we ought to meet up for a drink.















Steve we will raise the glasses to 5 years xx

I had another walk out today it was windier so I found it a little harder but I got round though and Louis was good with me , and I felt clever again that I seem to be picking up from the chemo.

There have been fireworks going of all evening and  then the Firework display  at Effingham Gardens lit up and it was more like a army tanks going firing.  The ground even shook and we are about 5 miles away.

What do they put in fireworks nowadays.

As you know I work with BLF and they have a great thing going on to test lungs –I hope this travels all around the country —

Have you got a persistent cough? Are you breathless or wheezy?

Throughout November, the British Lung Foundation is working with North Tyneside Council and Clinical Commissioning Group to raise awareness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

We will be running six free awareness and screening events, where members of the public showing signs of COPD will have the opportunity to have a lung test with one of our specialist healthcare professionals.

Free testing in Tyneside

The free testing events can be found in the following locations:

  • Wednesday 6 November
    Gala Bingo, Wallsend – 4.30pm -9.30pm
  • Thursday 7 November
    Asda Superstore, Benton – 10am-4pm
  • Tuesday 12 November
    The Forum Shopping Centre, Wallsend – 10am -4pm
  • Wednesday 13 November
    Tesco Extra, North Shields – 10am-4pm
  • Wednesday 20 November
    Tesco Extra, North Shields – 10am-4pm
  • Thursday 21 November
    Asda Superstore, Benton – 10am-4pm

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2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Firework Night and Pigs might Fly

  1. Suggest you phone your Oncologist’s secretary on Monday Mavis and ask her if the results will be there for your appointment. Also did you say to Appoinmtments at QEQM that you would be willing to go at any time should a cancellation occur? I can really feel for you having to wait and wait as you do for your various appoinmtments. Xx

  2. I look forward to meeting up with you and Ray for that drink. We’ll try to get over to Kent in the new year. Keep on to them about that appointment for the scan, as my oncologist said when I told him radiology seemed to be difficult to tie down, “They’re there to help you, phone them up and get them to fix a date to suit you.”



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