Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Drives out in the country and The Lion King for Boxing Day –Im a lucky lady.

I have slipped up again and forgot my blog yesterday but it is winter and so I love being in the warm and snuggled. But Ray did take me for a great ride to Canterbury the long way round. From the M2 Faversham  slip Road and then the Ashford Road.

This goes through villages that are very small but delightful. A farm always has Jack Russels puppies for sale —woo I wish we could but at our age you have to remember how long dogs Live so its just not fair.

We got to the roundabout at Challock and turn left straight to Canterbury. The river Stour looks very full and will flood if we have any more rain.

River Stour - Thannington, Canterbury

This picture of Chilham, Kent, England (1987). This image was by Vic ...

The village and the Castle are great to visit so much goes on here in the Summer

I love living in this area as even when we lived at Medway we always visited the area around here.

We carried on through the country side and came out at Wincheap where there are big shops and lots to buy.

Ray took Louis for a walk as I started shopping and then he joined me and the beauty is the car is right there and we can see Louis at all times.

We came home a shorter way through Blean. We had shopped for our neighbour as he is so unwell and he fancied soups. So we had purchased them for him.

Then today he asked if we could by baked beans and other non fat things. We suspect Gall stones and Ray had taken him to the Doctors yesterday.

The Phone went today and I got up it was 8.30am I couldnt believe I had slept in. It was our son and he wanted to know if he could book the Lion King for us all on Boxing day. Oh yes that will be lovely.

the lion king






I have seen the film with my Grand Children I love it then I will love it now as well on the stage x

We went shopping again and got the things for my neighbour and once again Ray took Louis for a walk as I started the shopping. He wanted a packet of cigarettes –we have not bought fags since we were younger and they were about half a crown

Reverse of 1944 Half Crown

Now they are £6.20 –wow !!!!

Photo: 5 silver medals and came second fastest runner in kent!!!!! Super proud of the bro Sam xx

My little friend Sam –I cant be more proud of this lovely lad.

Hi Sister said  5 silver medals and came second fastest runner in kent!!!!! Super proud of the bro Sam xx

He is Ten and plays for Gillingham Juniors He is going to grow into a gorgeous young man, with his younger brother close behind him.

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