Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Australia is leading the way with Asbestos Awareness and what has gone wrong with the weather ?

It would seem that at long last Asbestos is really being brought into the Theatre and films , I couldnt be more pleased that Australia is leading the way with a Film about the life Bernie Banton Devils Dust has been shown on TV there and now a stage version of Dust has moved many people this is a must watch. I love the music and the awareness raised .

This is just great and the Film and show should be shown around the world and maybe it will sink in how dangerous asbestos is.

In Asia they have stepped up the usage so we have to be very vigilant and make sure we do not import these goods and let asbestos sneak back in through the backdoor.

Bernie had put up such a fight and today his widow and Rod Smith are carry on with that fight.


Steve McQueens Anniversary  of his death was this weekend and I was able to send my love to his widow Barbi through facebook.

steve mc

I remember at the time being so sad as he struggled to find a cure of what I thought then as Cancer. Its not until I had Mesothelioma I found out that was what Steve had. All those Helmets he wore when racing would have asbestos in, nobody knew the danger then.

We have had a quiet saturday as it rained all day and some people oop!!! north had snow. The M6 was very bad 


I do hope this  freak weather and it doesnt snow before Xmas. Although there is the Typhoon, the biggest one every travelling to Vietnam and 500,00 people have been evacuated. 10,000 have already lost their lives in the Philippines. Very sad and I wonder how big it will get before it calms down.

Friday night was Elvis’s best song ever and I loved the whole evening as I adore the man. I have even dressed up as him and did a turn one New Year

melvis - Copy

Gosh little did I know I had the dust in my lungs and mesothelioma was eating me away. I had no pains at all to warn me something was very wrong

Im back with strong pains in the shoulder and ribs so Im becoming a druggy again. I hate taking so many painkillers but you have to nobody should suffer pain.

So many warriors are in pain and we swap stories and really we all tell the same stories. It always starts with not being able to breath and 5 litres of fluid are drained out of the lung. I wish there was a common story of other signs so that earlier diagnosis was found then we could be operated on and have a lung out, but that rarely happens and those that are operated on although they gain a couple more years they usually have a return of the disease.

We are in a bad place as the treatment an cure is to far away but we have done a lot for the awareness of the disease. and that brings me back to the tv film and theatre stag show.

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