Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Day 2 since the accident and everything is stiffening up

I did manage to sleep last night although very disturbing, waking up and making sure I didnt lay on the left side.

It was sore this morning and I cant eat. i cant open my mouth to even eat a grape and when i do make it I cant chew . Its the left hand side of my mouth even the gums hurt.  So I have had soup and Shepherds pie with carrots and swede mashed the ice cream. So Im not starving

We did go up to Tesco for my eye testing for new glasses. They were very nice and made out there was nothing wrong with my face. Just a normal customer. But I had to tell them as it was the reason for new glasses.

Also when I said what medicines I took and  that I had just finished Chemo I had to tell him that.

Well I had the puff in the eye and lights all shone in my eye and to the back. He said there was Chemo damage did I see flashes. Yes I do, Whit when its dark and black when its day. Yes he could tell. I have cataracts forming so I would have to watch that –er no and laughed. I explained why. I have survived almost 4 years now with a terminal illness.  He said I dont care your booked in for next year -never say never  Mrs Nye. But he then got a lecture on Asbestos from me and the dangers as he didnt know. Gee that was like a red flag to a bull

we had a long chat he wouldn’t let me go  he was so interested.

I came out and chose my frames, two pairs as it one for going out and one for reading here on the computer.and paid with the promise from them they will be ready next week.

We went shopping and I tried not to look at people as they all looked and then looked away. I bet they thought I was beaten up and mugged  but I have only myself to blame.

Came home and put food away and had coffee before cooking the dinner.

My Daughter in Law rang to see how I was and she had been googling for boots for me and came up with  She was right and I was able to put an order together so I will have cosy feet.


I took a lovely Bouquet of flowers for the lady that came out and then made me sit in her house  until Ray came back. She was so pleased to see me on my feet again bless her.

So that was day 2 -on day 3 i have to change the dressing on my hand and make sure there is no infection.

Rays blog


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