Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Ray and fish are not mixing, and a shock photo of a 60’s hairdryer.

My we have had a weekend as yesterday I gave Ray fish and chips for dinner. I had cheated and gave him Frozen fish in crumb coating. About half an hour later he looked green. Opps he was very sick and it is a bottom of the belly sickness.  We think he really is allergic to  fish now as this is the third time.

“Now perhaps he will leave us alone ”

That lasted 3 more times and then he was asleep. I take so many tablets to sleep I dont hear a thing after I take them so I didnt know Ray was up and sleeping on the settee again.

I awake and found a very cold Ray asleep and made him a cup of tea.

He looked better and gradually through the day he has recovered.

I worked all morning answering question for an Interview. I like the ones I do like this with an email, it means you answer in your own time and if you make a mistake you can change it. That done it was ready for lunch. And we watch a film before we both caught up on some sleep.

It was raining hard by the time we awoke and Ray took Louis for a walk in a very wet lane.

You know when we were young and getting ready to go out wash our hair and used a hair dryer. One of these ???

With all the Asbestos they used ???

hair dryer

Although known for decades, this could be more of a reminder to some, that certain vintage hair dryers contain asbestos insulation materials, and may still be in use. In fact, the asbestos-containing hand-held hair dryer shown above was recently acquired from a previous owner who was still using it and claimed it was a “wonderful ‘retro’ hair dryer” (again, with the popular “retro” trend).

In 1979, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) reports receiving,

“an independent analysis which confirms that asbestos fibers emitted from hair dryers may pose a significant health threat to consumers. This analysis indicates that the majority of the hair dryers tested were found to be emitting asbestos fiber levels comparable to or greater than other serious levels of asbestos in the general environment, such as those found in certain school buildings and near construction sites.”

“…the fiber concentrations in the effluent of some dryers exceeded the highest we have measured in eight years of surveillance of environmental asbestos contamination.”

Consequently, in 1979, the CPSC issued a recall of millions of asbestos-containing hair dryers and required manufacturers promptly discontinue making and distributing these products. The CPSC reported well over one-hundred different models of consumer-grade and commercial-grade hand-held and salon-style hair dryers were involved in a massive recall campaign

A link to the CPSC website with recall information, including a detailed list of hair-dryer models and manufacturers can be found here:

Some nostalgia-seekers reminisce that, “…they don’t make things the way they used to”. Well, in this case, thank goodness “they” don’t.


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