Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Playing Secret Santa has been fun. The Mesothelioma Bill is due to be back in Parliament Dec ?

I didnt have time yesterday to write a blog (before my brothers start panicking )

The scab is coming off my wounds so it means they are healing -they were worried as my bloods might not have been wonderful after chemo but everything seems good, no infections so we can all relax again.

It was a busy day with going out to Sturry and Ray finding PC World is really running down now it is in Currys. So I went into the Range with blinkers on, that shope is worse than the internet for me. So full of  everything like a catalogue in one shop.

I walk Louis and played with him while we waited for Ray to come back with nothing ???

My new shoes had arrived in the post and I was trying them out and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. Th secret is in the sole. like a slipper and molding around your feet –so Cosy (thats why the are called cosy feet)

I cant wait for the boots to come now.

Then last night I played Santa well Secret Santa for the Warriors and all the names have been sorted out so let the game begin. I only made 2 mistakes but everything was soon sorted out

The New Mesothelioma Bill will be back in the House Of Commons the first week of December so we Hope there are a few amendments as it needed sorting. We are asking for 100% payout as we are short changed because we cannot prove or even some do not know where they were contaminated with Asbestos.

Justice for mesothelioma victims – Fact, Fiction and Ideas for Change

The Department for Work and Pensions is steering the Mesothelioma Bill through Parliament. The Bill is designed to help people who currently receive no compensation for this terrible terminal disease because they cannot trace the insurers of the employers who exposed them to asbestos. The Ministry of Justice is engaging in a separate consultation exercise to examine the civil process for those people who can trace the insurers of former employers and are therefore usually able to claim compensation.

We hope the Ministry of Justice consultation will result in the prompt payment of full and fair compensation for people who are dying just because they turned up for work, often many decades ago. We expect that an efficient system, which puts the needs of dying people first, will also mean lower legal costs.

But if we are to embark on this process, if the outcome is to be successful, we must first be clear about what is wrong with the current system and how best it might be changed. This means addressing some common myths about mesothelioma claims.

Go to the link and read the full text

I hope we succeed fingers crossed and watch out for the Parliament channel on TV

A wonder man has written on his face book

I once lost a friend to Meso, now I spent hundreds of hours researching lab reports for another friend who has Meso, I hope this summary and supporting documentation will help Doctors identify new treatments for the disease that, please God may lead to saving lives…

It people like this that deserve awards the un sung heroes working away inspired by Mesowarriors past and present I so admire him.

There are so many people working in the background to Raise Awareness that are never asking for thanks and do a very hard job to try and teach the ignorant -Oh yes there are people that still do not understand the dangers of Asbestos or do not want to know because it means MONEY. But we are paying a higher cost and thats with our lives. Future population will be carry on suffering if it is not halted now. Ban Asbestos now to save our future.

Rays blog


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