Liiving with Mesothelioma -My Diary- The weather is colder and getting colder.

A very cold day Yesterday. The rain was so heavy most of the day and the wind was raw. No way can I go out. I have been in chemo and missed all the summer and now the winter is upon us when Im free for going out –boring.

Today has been just as cold and its getting colder.

We did go out to post Christmas parcels but goodness the shock on Rays face when he came out. It doesnt go only by weight but by size. goodness knows  what 1st class will be.

I walked the dog while Ray was in the post office but I have lost confidence and worse of all so has Louis. He is so nervous as we walk.

On Tv they showed a lady with Peripheral Neuropathy  and she was in a wheel chair and had a dog to bring everything to her, I suddenly realised how I was pushing my body to be normal. I have to stop being so brave and face Chemo really has damage my nerves .

Electron micrograph of a section through nerve tissue, showing peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. A dying nerve axon is at the centre.

If the peripheral nerves become damaged it can cause the following symptoms:

The date of the Meso Bill has been scheduled for 2 December.  That will be its Second Reading (first stage of debate).  The Committee (where it goes through each clause) will follow shortly after. So we will be in front of the Television watching the outcome.

Welsh assembly member have announced the passing of a great Bill that now we need to see passed in UK.

A bill to recover the costs of treating Welsh asbestos patients from businesses or insurers has been passed by assembly members.

It is estimated the new law could raise up to £1m a year for the Welsh NHS.

The bill’s sponsor, Labour AM Mick Antoniw, said it would help people whose lives had been blighted by “this terrible disease”.

The insurance industry has raised concerns, questioning whether the move is within the assembly’s powers.

Before becoming an assembly member, Mr Antoniw was a solicitor at the legal firm which has acted for many asbestos victims and their families.

Speaking before the bill was passed, he said: “It is only right that medical costs incurred by the NHS should be recovered from those who caused the disease and used to give more support to asbestos victims and their families – for example, a cancer nurse costs £50,000 per annum.

“We could employ an additional 20 cancer nurses or a mixture of cancer nurses and counsellors or additional research into the cause and treatment of asbestos disease.

“It is my belief this new Welsh law can make a significant improvement to the quality of life of those whose life is blighted by this terrible disease.”

Last December assembly Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler certified that the bill was within the institution’s powers, but admitted it was a “finely balanced” decision on some aspects of the legislation.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) wrote to her and the secretary of state for Wales with a number of what it called “serious concerns” about the bill’s lawfulness.

Another snippet

On December 2, KCC will begin the first phase that will eventually see 72,000 street lights turned off at midnight – and a further 2,500 streets lights turned off altogether.

The county hopes the measure will save £1m a year. The bill for street lighting is currently £5.8m per annum, but without the new policy that would rocket next year to nearly £7m with a 10% cost hike from electricity suppliers and the imposition of a Government carbon tax.

They will turn the telly off at midnight soon so we turn off our house light early.

We know they have to save money but the cost of policing the streets will rise, and accidents.

Ray s blog Please read his Medway Queen write up

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