Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- More Christmas presents wrapped -Another Mesowarrior has lost the battle XX

A very cold day out today even though the sun was beaming down. I thought I was staying in to tidy around and cook lunch but Ray suggested going to Sturry for me to buy my Christmas Cards as we are going to a C&CC  Christmas dance and we have so many friends going that I need quiet a few.

We walked Louis round when we pulled up in the Car park to The Range. He loves a little round walk that we do there , so we had a happy dog.

I found their Christmas Cards and another Present. The shop was all decorated for Christmas I love that.

We came home and wrapped more presents that have to go by post. So  another job out of the way.

I had a message from a friend who is travelling on lots of Ferries in a few days just to see how many he can ride. So he is at Dover and we will meet up tomorrow. It has been a long time since I did the can  can with him at the Canterbury golf club now I dont think I could walk there from C&CC site. We will see. xx

Photo: Lol :D

Love this on my Facebook he he !!!

I have this as well a great song for this time of year xx

Oh sad as Im writing this we have had a message that we have lost another Warrior — Ron Bonfield on Saturday evening who many of you know was diagnosed with meso approx Dec 2008 and given approx 12-15 months. He was treated by Prof Vogel with great results and until funding was ceased he had greatly benifitted both in extension to his life and quality of life. His family wish to say thank you for all the support they received over the last few years and to remember the key role Debbie Muvmuv Brewer played in supporting him. He was an honest, decent , family man who never was self pitying and remained positive. He will be sorely missed by all those who were lucky enough to know him xxx RIP much love to his family at this time Dawn

My Candle is lit tonight

candle 2

Rays blog

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