Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Wrapping Presents and the Medway Queen has sailed again

We had a day in again but I was determined to wrap presents up, well the ones that have to be posted to families then I can concentrate on wrapping the ones that I hand over personally.

I feel the price of the post will be hard for people this year.

Then I knocked over a cup of tea all over our desk and before I could go and get a cloth, kitchen roll it had traveled under the printer and wet some of Rays work whoops he isnt pleased with me.

We did get it all moped up and carried on wrapping parcels. So a trip to the post Office is needed now .

My face is really looking better again as all that is left the deep cuts which I suppose will end up as a scar. So that was really good and proves my bloods have recovered from all the Chemo as you need the red and white cells to fight infection and heal the wounds so that was great although a blood test would have been better than doing the act I did in front of everyone !!

We were so pleased that the Medway Queen has been revived and is sailing again. Ray will be writing about that in his blog tonight but It has brought such wonderful memories of our trips when I was a young child  and we went to the Sun Pier at Chatham to board her and sailed to pick passengers up at Sheerness pier


first then on over to Southend disembarking onto the pier there and travel on the train done the pier to the Kersal  where we had rides on the park. Wonderful memories.


The weather has turned very cold now and the bitter wind is blowing so this will curtail my walking, breathing becomes so difficult and it seem we are going to have a winter as bad as last year. I really should find a hobby to keep me in and occupied through the winter. 

Im really disgusted at this the fact that Asbestos is still mined and used throughout the world. We have been raising so much Awareness as we have suffered the end result of Asbestos being the only cause of Mesothelioma and yet this report is out that  Russia, which produces 1 million tons of the 2 million tons of asbestos produced globally each year, is determined to take every measure possible to ensure continued use of asbestos in Asia, its key market. Russia exports 85% of the asbestos it produces, shipping most of it to Asia. Consequently, its profits depend on ensuring continued, and preferably increased, use of asbestos in Asia.

It does revolve around Money, greed and shows how corrupt this industry is. this report came out in may so things havent changed

Kathleen Ruff,

In response to the overwhelming scientific evidence that all forms of asbestos are deadly and in response to global momentum from scientists, the trade union movement, health defenders and asbestos victims for a global ban on asbestos, the industry is fighting for the survival of its profits.

Russia, which produces 1 million tons of the 2 million tons of asbestos produced globally each year, is determined to take every measure possible to ensure continued use of asbestos in Asia, its key market. Russia exports 85% of the asbestos it produces, shipping most of it to Asia. Consequently, its profits depend on ensuring continued, and preferably increased, use of asbestos in Asia.

On October 25, 2013, the asbestos lobby held a conference in Manila to promote asbestos use. The event was sponsored by the International Chrysotile Association, the Association of Chrysotile Industries of the Philippines and the Chrysotile information Center of Thailand.

Asbestos imported by the Philippines has shrunk from 4,136 tons in 2006 to 1,970 tons in 2012. In Thailand, import of asbestos has fallen from 140,861 tons in 2006 to 58,008 in 2012. The global asbestos industry is fighting to turn this situation around and is using internal asbestos lobby groups inside these countries to achieve its deadly agenda of increased use of asbestos in these countries.

India – the global asbestos industry’s greatest success story

India is by far the biggest importer of asbestos in the world, most of it coming from Russia. India is the global asbestos industry’s greatest success story, with import of asbestos rising from 253,382 tons in 2006 to 473,240 in 2012, a 186% increase.

The asbestos industry is determined to maintain its profitable export of asbestos to India. On December 3 & 4, 2013, the asbestos industry will therefore hold another conference, this time in New Delhi, India. The conference is once again organised by the International Chrysotile Association, this time in conjunction with the Asbestos Cement Products Association of India.

Both the conference in Manila and the conference in New Delhi feature scientists who are allied to and financed by the asbestos industry and who promote use of chrysotile asbestos. A key presenter at both events is David Bernstein. Bernstein received financing from the International Chrysotile Association to write a paper entitled Health Risks of Chrysotile Revisited, which, like all asbestos industry financed research, claims that chrysotile asbestos can be safely used without causing harm to health.

A New York court has ruled that a number of scientific articles written by Bernstein may constitute crime-fraud. The articles were financed by an asbestos products company which was seeking to defeat a case filed by asbestos victims seeking compensation. The court noted that the studies were intended to cast doubt on the capability of chrysotile asbestos to cause cancer and that, rather than being independent scientific work, the authors did not disclose that the asbestos company’s lawyer participated in lengthy discussions of the manuscripts and suggested revisions.

Before working for the asbestos industry, Bernstein did research for sixteen years that was financed by the tobacco industry.

Both the Manila and the New Delhi conferences feature presenters from Russia. In Manila, a Russian trade unionist, Dmitry Selyanin, put forward the pro-asbestos position of the International Alliance of Trade Union Organizations Chrysotile.

At the New Delhi conference, Dr. Sergey Kashansky will put forward the position of Russia, which supports continued use of chrysotile asbestos.

It is extremely disturbing that Dr. Kashansky has been appointed by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a collaborating scientist in an IARC asbestos research project in Uralasbest, Russia. Dr. Kashansky denies all the scientific evidence regarding chrysotile asbestos, is a longtime promoter of asbestos use and works to defeat the WHO’s policy of ending all use of asbestos.

Benefiting from the complicity of internal asbestos lobby organisations in Asia and the complicity of industry allied scientists, including an IARC collaborating scientist, the global asbestos industry is engaged in a ruthless campaign to promote the use of asbestos in Asia, a campaign which will cause suffering and loss of life for decades to come.

– See more at:

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Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Playing Secret Santa has been fun. The Mesothelioma Bill is due to be back in Parliament Dec ?

I didnt have time yesterday to write a blog (before my brothers start panicking )

The scab is coming off my wounds so it means they are healing -they were worried as my bloods might not have been wonderful after chemo but everything seems good, no infections so we can all relax again.

It was a busy day with going out to Sturry and Ray finding PC World is really running down now it is in Currys. So I went into the Range with blinkers on, that shope is worse than the internet for me. So full of  everything like a catalogue in one shop.

I walk Louis and played with him while we waited for Ray to come back with nothing ???

My new shoes had arrived in the post and I was trying them out and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. Th secret is in the sole. like a slipper and molding around your feet –so Cosy (thats why the are called cosy feet)

I cant wait for the boots to come now.

Then last night I played Santa well Secret Santa for the Warriors and all the names have been sorted out so let the game begin. I only made 2 mistakes but everything was soon sorted out

The New Mesothelioma Bill will be back in the House Of Commons the first week of December so we Hope there are a few amendments as it needed sorting. We are asking for 100% payout as we are short changed because we cannot prove or even some do not know where they were contaminated with Asbestos.

Justice for mesothelioma victims – Fact, Fiction and Ideas for Change

The Department for Work and Pensions is steering the Mesothelioma Bill through Parliament. The Bill is designed to help people who currently receive no compensation for this terrible terminal disease because they cannot trace the insurers of the employers who exposed them to asbestos. The Ministry of Justice is engaging in a separate consultation exercise to examine the civil process for those people who can trace the insurers of former employers and are therefore usually able to claim compensation.

We hope the Ministry of Justice consultation will result in the prompt payment of full and fair compensation for people who are dying just because they turned up for work, often many decades ago. We expect that an efficient system, which puts the needs of dying people first, will also mean lower legal costs.

But if we are to embark on this process, if the outcome is to be successful, we must first be clear about what is wrong with the current system and how best it might be changed. This means addressing some common myths about mesothelioma claims.

Go to the link and read the full text

I hope we succeed fingers crossed and watch out for the Parliament channel on TV

A wonder man has written on his face book

I once lost a friend to Meso, now I spent hundreds of hours researching lab reports for another friend who has Meso, I hope this summary and supporting documentation will help Doctors identify new treatments for the disease that, please God may lead to saving lives…

It people like this that deserve awards the un sung heroes working away inspired by Mesowarriors past and present I so admire him.

There are so many people working in the background to Raise Awareness that are never asking for thanks and do a very hard job to try and teach the ignorant -Oh yes there are people that still do not understand the dangers of Asbestos or do not want to know because it means MONEY. But we are paying a higher cost and thats with our lives. Future population will be carry on suffering if it is not halted now. Ban Asbestos now to save our future.

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Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Ray and fish are not mixing, and a shock photo of a 60’s hairdryer.

My we have had a weekend as yesterday I gave Ray fish and chips for dinner. I had cheated and gave him Frozen fish in crumb coating. About half an hour later he looked green. Opps he was very sick and it is a bottom of the belly sickness.  We think he really is allergic to  fish now as this is the third time.

“Now perhaps he will leave us alone ”

That lasted 3 more times and then he was asleep. I take so many tablets to sleep I dont hear a thing after I take them so I didnt know Ray was up and sleeping on the settee again.

I awake and found a very cold Ray asleep and made him a cup of tea.

He looked better and gradually through the day he has recovered.

I worked all morning answering question for an Interview. I like the ones I do like this with an email, it means you answer in your own time and if you make a mistake you can change it. That done it was ready for lunch. And we watch a film before we both caught up on some sleep.

It was raining hard by the time we awoke and Ray took Louis for a walk in a very wet lane.

You know when we were young and getting ready to go out wash our hair and used a hair dryer. One of these ???

With all the Asbestos they used ???

hair dryer

Although known for decades, this could be more of a reminder to some, that certain vintage hair dryers contain asbestos insulation materials, and may still be in use. In fact, the asbestos-containing hand-held hair dryer shown above was recently acquired from a previous owner who was still using it and claimed it was a “wonderful ‘retro’ hair dryer” (again, with the popular “retro” trend).

In 1979, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) reports receiving,

“an independent analysis which confirms that asbestos fibers emitted from hair dryers may pose a significant health threat to consumers. This analysis indicates that the majority of the hair dryers tested were found to be emitting asbestos fiber levels comparable to or greater than other serious levels of asbestos in the general environment, such as those found in certain school buildings and near construction sites.”

“…the fiber concentrations in the effluent of some dryers exceeded the highest we have measured in eight years of surveillance of environmental asbestos contamination.”

Consequently, in 1979, the CPSC issued a recall of millions of asbestos-containing hair dryers and required manufacturers promptly discontinue making and distributing these products. The CPSC reported well over one-hundred different models of consumer-grade and commercial-grade hand-held and salon-style hair dryers were involved in a massive recall campaign

A link to the CPSC website with recall information, including a detailed list of hair-dryer models and manufacturers can be found here:

Some nostalgia-seekers reminisce that, “…they don’t make things the way they used to”. Well, in this case, thank goodness “they” don’t.

Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A day when we get sad and also we get through it x

candle 2

I have been a little bit quiet the last today’s and there are 2 times when I go like this, May 27th and today November 16th.

Our daughter was born November the 16th and she would be 52 years of age. She was killed at the age of 16 just as she had left school  May 26th and each year we have to live with always being 16. That was her life span but as long as they were happy ones  then we have happy memories but we would have liked all 52 years of her life to celebrate. The grandchildren around us and maybe Great grandchildren

Instead we only have an angel a beautiful angel to wish Happy birthday darling.


Cover for 'Christines Story Misadventure or Misjudged'

We have been out in the fresh air as I have collected my glasses.

They fitted very well with no adjusting, so know that covers my face very nicely so I can go in public looking like normal and not like a boxer who lost his round.

I will let Ray tell what has happened today as I would be just repeating it and it was funny trying  to find why my cooker clock didnt work  he he !!!——

Well! Today started off busy. The clock and timer on cooker was not working. So my first job after walking louis was pull out the cooker and see whats the problem. The cable went from a box on the wall  to a box on the back. After trying to open the box on the back  I eventually got it off and open. Just a jncn Box. Checked it for power. No reading so  dead. Next I squeeze in behind cooker and get one of the 2 covers off. no power. next open up other cover no power. . Back in the cupboard switch all the fuses up and down ,test the box all ok   back to cooker, no power.

Scratching head . So  when ever adding anything to  any plugs always check. So last thing added was the new freezer. Thats working fine. But I  can see tucked away in the corner 2 blind switches. So I remove  a cover and test fuse. OK its fine. Next one  oh yes fuse is blown. Bearing in mind these are two flat blind switches  with no light on. compared to all  the others that have a red light on. Next  its out in the shed  hunting in my junk box  for fuses. find 3 old ones. first 2 dead so its time to bin them. the  3rd one is ok its to big but  so what. put that in hey presto  oven working. now its replace all the hanging covers wash down the sides and back of the cooker clean all the area and the floor. push it all back Job done  Walk in the den Oh no all the computers are off the modem is blinking but  it says no internet. After resetting several times I get a result. Life would not be worth living if Mavis didn’t have internet. . The upshot of this nightmare was when I plugged in the tabletop freezer I must have turned off the switch that powers the oven because  the one with he  blown fuse was not the one for the oven anyway.

Just had a call from opticians mavis glasses are ready  should be a week but  its been 2 days how good is that. Somethings go right.

I’ve changed the dressing on her hand so that’s sorted.

We have been up and collected her new glasses.  At last  after  ages trying yesterday I’ve managed to  turn  a file  on PC to a DVD  that  plays on TV.  It takes ages but it works.

I have showered and washed all my wounds and redressed my hand so everything is healing with the bruising going down and changing colour.

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A link to all our books we write for Mesothelioma UK

Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Day 2 since the accident and everything is stiffening up

I did manage to sleep last night although very disturbing, waking up and making sure I didnt lay on the left side.

It was sore this morning and I cant eat. i cant open my mouth to even eat a grape and when i do make it I cant chew . Its the left hand side of my mouth even the gums hurt.  So I have had soup and Shepherds pie with carrots and swede mashed the ice cream. So Im not starving

We did go up to Tesco for my eye testing for new glasses. They were very nice and made out there was nothing wrong with my face. Just a normal customer. But I had to tell them as it was the reason for new glasses.

Also when I said what medicines I took and  that I had just finished Chemo I had to tell him that.

Well I had the puff in the eye and lights all shone in my eye and to the back. He said there was Chemo damage did I see flashes. Yes I do, Whit when its dark and black when its day. Yes he could tell. I have cataracts forming so I would have to watch that –er no and laughed. I explained why. I have survived almost 4 years now with a terminal illness.  He said I dont care your booked in for next year -never say never  Mrs Nye. But he then got a lecture on Asbestos from me and the dangers as he didnt know. Gee that was like a red flag to a bull

we had a long chat he wouldn’t let me go  he was so interested.

I came out and chose my frames, two pairs as it one for going out and one for reading here on the computer.and paid with the promise from them they will be ready next week.

We went shopping and I tried not to look at people as they all looked and then looked away. I bet they thought I was beaten up and mugged  but I have only myself to blame.

Came home and put food away and had coffee before cooking the dinner.

My Daughter in Law rang to see how I was and she had been googling for boots for me and came up with  She was right and I was able to put an order together so I will have cosy feet.


I took a lovely Bouquet of flowers for the lady that came out and then made me sit in her house  until Ray came back. She was so pleased to see me on my feet again bless her.

So that was day 2 -on day 3 i have to change the dressing on my hand and make sure there is no infection.

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Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A what a day I have had.

Well what a day. Everything was very quiet while got up and Ray took Louis for a walk I did the housework everything all cosy. Made lunch and rested. Ray suggested a walk and I got my walking pole. Met my neighbour with her stick and we were discussing how bad it is to get old bless her she is over 80 but I do feel like that at times.

We carried on and I was enjoying myself. came back crossed over the road and my feet wouldn’t lift properly. I fell forward –it really does go into slow motion my head hit the ground came up my glasses fell of and shattered and the glass went into my cheek just missing my eye. My hand wnet on the glass and did a deep slice. I thought I was going to black out but I heard Ray saying to Louis alright dont panic.

A couple stopped their car and ran over but I said I didnt want any help but realised I did. The chap said he was a first aider  and demanded he looked and his wife said she was as well so please that is glass and gravel in there. He tried to stop all the bleeding and I realised there was a pool of blood on the ground and a littl dog staring up and looking so worried.

They wanted to run me to Estuary View as that is now one of those new walk in centers, but Ray said he will take the dog home and get the car which I liked these people had done enough. The lady in the bungalow nearby said come and sit and wait so she got a chair. The other 2 said they will go then if Im Ok but I forgot to ask for a phone number  I cant thank them but I will send flowers as a thankyou to the lady.

We got to the clinic, and they agreed to see me straight away. I smiled at the people in the waiting room but they all stayed straight face (it wasnt until I got home and saw what I looked like, I think I can see why i did look a sight and that was after all the blood was washed off.

So I was gleaned and all the gravel and glass  washed out and everything glued up. How strange they use glue !!! My hand was glued and it is so deep she put dressings on it and I musnt get that wet.  She gave me a tetinus injection.

So that was that I came home and had a coffee and rested and keep having flash backs and what if !!!always what if !!!!

The bruise is coming out.I have never had a black eye before, and I cant eat as it hurts so soup for dinner as I had hit the whole side of my face and my jaw and teeth hurt. I even have a graze on my chin.



The end of a perfect day –I dont think

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Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A lovely walk to the post office and a Wasp wanted to move in with me –in my ear.

It was cold the last few days bt the sun does pop out for the afternoons but by then I have done my washing and the dryer has been working hard but I love bringing in warm fresh smelling washing and hanging them in the airing cupboard before it creases.

Putting the away though is boring as I have to find the hangers and putting them in the wardrobes.

Yesterday was a relaxing day in the end but I knew I had to get out today so we sorted out what we want to post and after lunch and when the Post Office opened at 2pm (very old fashioned here closing for lunch.

The post is very expensive now  (what isnt) A first class is 55p and then a envelope that was larger was 95 p it weighed the same but when we have so many Christmas cards to go gee it is going to cost a fortune.xx

My walking up the post office has proved I have to stop playing around and use  my walking stick I cant believe it. In April when ray was in hopsital I was getting off the Whitstable bus and walking  to Seasalter down Joy Lane and Faversham Road today was half of that journey and I was puffed out and the oxygen was draining me –well the lack of. I do the weirdest of walks. my right side is ok but then the left leg buckles and I look like I have been on  Toffee Vodka again –I wish I had been then I would laugh. I do anyway, and Ray has to offer his arm but then I cause him to sway and Louis looks round at us with a very weird look.

We did get home and I sat down with a coffee and everything returned to normal again in our house.

Oh I forgot one thing as I was walking back I though there was something in my ear, thinking a spider had climbed out of my coat I brush my ear with my hand. My ear felt funny, I said to Ray is a spider climbing in my ear. Looking he said “no” “but a wasp is. He flicked it off but it was trying to climb into my ear. Now wasps I have had nesting in the roof –OK but my ear, oh no!

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