Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- So much storm damage over the Christmas- The Prime Minister visited Maidstone We hadnt realised just what the bad weather had caused so much damage as we were away in London.

So many flooded for Christmas day. This was our local Whitstable damage .

Many trees came down and blocked roads to Canterbury and Ray saw so trees that had been blown down and pushed to the side as he walked up our lane yesterday.

Ray met a neighbour who told him another neighbour has lost part of their roof and Trees in the Gorrol tank have had to be cut down as they were dangerously leaning to one side as the wind from the sea was so fierce.

A house really caught it as it  partially collapsed

The side of a house that partially collapsed in Sydenham Street, Whitstable

These houses were built for the fishermen over 100 years ago and have stood in so many gales. This must have been a gale to far.

Ray has tided up the lights round the Herb Garden and pushed back the growth of next doors hedge as it had been blown over the fence. The fence wasnt down as we first thought so thats good.

We have another forcast for tonight

The flood damage at Maidstone bought a visit from the Prime Minister

Prime minister David Cameron has been meeting families and business owners hit by the floods in Kent today.
As more than 700 homes are still flooded in the wake of the torrential rains, Mr Cameron toured Yalding, and met those most severely hit by the storms.
Some angry villagers hit out, after failing to get a response from authorities handling the crisis.
There is a photo of the other Mobile Home Park that we had looked at to buy when we were discussing in 2000 to buy a home for retirement.
A park for mobile homes in East Farleigh is totally flooded. Picture Natalie Spearman
It looked Idealic to live by the river but this is a picture that makes me so pleased I didn’t let my heart rule my head.
If the sea here did role in  here we are slightly uphill, but we would be cut off as we were made aware of when the very high tide reminded us just before Christmas.
Well we just stayed in yesterday as I was exhausted for Christmas. I realised just how much I had put into the walk I did around London in my attempt to be normal for the family. It worked but I have had to use a full day to recover.
It was great to switch off from My illness for 2 days but now Im looking to the New year 2014 to find a trial of a drug to help me have another year.
There are 1% that live to 10 years and I will fight to have a go at being in that 1%.
Some people have been lucky and had a Lung removed or at least Linings of organs removed but they saw me as to old for such an operation so I have to help myself all the time and fight for more treatment. 2014 will be a huge fight as the growth of Meso is still going on and I have to make sure it doesn’t have any new spread to new areas and all though they say it cant break out of the Lung it has been proved differently and other organs become involved.
I have been talking about if the next round of Chemo is on the cards walking even with a stick might be impossible as my nerve system is hit again. We have been looking at mobility scooters and we fancy this one.
I can just see us riding this and Louis can either run by the side of us our sit on the floor for a ride. Mmmmm a good thought !!!
Everyone of the UK Warriors have got through Christmas which Im so relieved at as so many are very ill.
Im pleased their families have had a good Christmas and hope they were able to forget Mesothelioma for 2 days and I wish them all a Happy New year. Maybe 2014 might be the year for a cure for Cancer and Mesothelioma.

Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-Winter Wonderland and Lion King My Christmas presents –wonderful xx

We set of amongst a bad weather warning and although we did get some wind and later rain, it was nothing like they had home here as there is so much damage in the garden. A fence over in the back garden and my Wishing well was over, two Obelisks will be thrown away as they have  broken at the base. So will have to replan my garden again.

Any way that hasnt messed our Christmas up as nothing could do that.

We arrived the day before Christmas Eve so we sat on my sons drive until they got home from work, I love it sleeping on their drive, it is so funny, and they love us being there.

Christmas eve my grandson arrived and we all had a pre-christmas curry and put the presents under the tree.

All tucked in our beds and a great sleep.

We had breakfast and then dished out the presents. My grandson had his dad in tears of disbelief as he opened up a Banjo. It is an instrument Terry wanted to learn along side his guitars and key board. It is great when you get shocked by a present like that .
Mind you I was all soft over the lovely presents I have had from the warriors. Necklaces, brooches, purses and scarfs so much pretty things. I thank you all.

We realaxed and played the usual games and had a laugh and so much food. Our DIL is such a great cook. I sat there and came over really wired at 10pm. Ray asked if I was ok as I was flushed. I said would it be ok if I went to bed. I think it all had got to much.

Directly I laid in bed I felt so much better and guess who was there –Louis he sped out to be with me.

In the morning I felt good again. This was the day we went to Hyde Park to the winter wonderland

Terry had wanted to see the Ice Palace. He managed to park the car as near as he could and then we walked into Hyde Park. He was worried about me but said if I couldnt make it back to the car he would get me to a gate to wait while he got it.

I had my stick and I took it turns to also hold Rays arm and then my DIL arm. I made it. a Couple of time I did trip but I got all round the Ice Palace and the stalls and I was thrilled I had got through it.

We had to get back to the car as the time was going and what we did this year was to pay for each others £100 for each others tickets. It is very expensive to go to the shows. But it was worth every penny of £400 believe me.

The Lion King

The auditorium

We collected the tickets while Terry parked the car. We did go for a coffee first in a cafe and my DIL loved the way I got help from young men to cross the road and to go down the stairs to the LOOs, the stairs were so steep and i couldnt make the top step when we came back. But the lovely young owner grabbed me and asked if he could help. I sat down on a low chair while everyone else was sitting on a high one. terry called me Warwick (if you have seen the series you will know why. He is the Dwarf and always sits on low chairs.

We then went over tp the Royal circle door where another lovely young man asked me if I would be ok with the stairs ha ha !! DIL I really liked this.

I did almost fall down the steep steps to the seat though and realised London doesn’t do much for wheelchairs . No lifts anywhere in theaters.

The Lion King started and I was in tears as the animals all walked onto the stage. A huge elephant walked through the Audience and onto the stage, birds flying the puppetry was divine, the acting was brilliant. I wont spoil it in case you get to see it if you havent already. I would go again it was so good. here is a snippet of how colourful it was.

We came out and got to the car and got home about midnight .

A wonderful day -a magical day but the family are seeing the degree Im wearing down with Chemo and I asked if the next lot of chemo takes me down to needing a wheelchair do they think that would be ok or should I stay with what I have and enjoy life.

But apparently they have already disgust this between them and it would seem that it is up to me but they would push me. I said it would be a motorised scooter. So I know how they feel and I will make my mind up when the time comes. I had walked 2 miles so if I could keep that up and get strong again I will be happy.

I have had the time of my life in the arms of my family and I loved it. A good Christmas, a wonderful time xx

We are home now to get my strength back for New Year Camping .









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My Christmas Present from

About the Author – 

Nancy is a blog and content writer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Nancy has been writing about mesothelioma and cancer for close to five years.

She has put my story into 2 parts –Part I

Mavis Nye Fights Mesothelioma with Laughter and Love


Label: Featured News

Mavis Nye of England shares her inspiring story of her ups and downs while fighting pleural mesothelioma. Through an email interview with MesotheliomaHelp, Mavis discussed how she takes on her cancer the same way she lives her life – with humor and through support from her family.

Mavis Nye

Mavis Nye

They say “laughter is the best medicine,” and for 72-year-old Mavis Nye that may be just the case. Mavis, of Seasalter, England, has been battling pleural mesothelioma since 2009. Although she has had her share of bad days, Mavis laughs a lot, makes fun of herself and even jokes about dying. It is this lighthearted approach to the serious, terminal cancer that has kept Mavis and her husband, Ray, enjoying their golden years.

“I have found that I have laughed a lot,” said Mavis. She believes that not only does humor help her and Ray better cope with her disease, but, she said, “I think it makes it easier for people to talk to me and not shy away not knowing what to say.”

Don’t let her humor fool you though – Mavis is a very serious and tenacious fighter when it comes to keeping herself alive and happy. She and Ray just celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary, and she plans to celebrate many more years with the man who stole her heart when she was just 16 years old.  She also wants to be there for her sons, Tony and Terry, her daughters-in-law, and her three grandchildren, who have put their lives on hold and rallied around her throughout her mesothelioma ordeal.

When Mavis was first diagnosed with mesothelioma, after experiencing difficulty breathing and numbness in her arms, she was told that she had just three months to live. Now, four and one half years later, Mavis is happy to say she has been controlling her destiny as much as the medical team that has been treating her.

Preparing for the Battle 
Like a fighter heading into the ring, Mavis began preparing for the fight of her life on June 4, 2009, the day she heard the devastating news. In her June 12, 2009 blog article Mavis noted that she was already planning her fight: “I have a real battle on my hands, but with all these lovely wishes, I will fight— I promise.”

“Don’t think I’m sitting about like an invalid,” Mavis wrote in her blog just days later. She “tidied the garden and laid a little patio in a quiet place so I can sit and read when I’m on chemo.” She cleared out the shed of “stupid things we collect,” and began packing for a weekend camping event. Then, she added, “I have gone on the dog walk this week, 2 miles every day, as exercise will build the lungs — so you see I’m ready for this fight.”

Mavis needed that fighting spirit for the long road ahead.  She has endured surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, a clinical trial and countless procedures and tests. And she is still looking for that silver bullet that will rid her of the cancer that has invaded her body. Mavis just completed a fourth round of chemotherapy treatment. Her doctors weren’t sure whether to proceed, but knowing Mavis’s strength and will, this summer they went ahead with six sessions.

Home Away from Home 
Since Mavis’s initial treatment, a talc pleurodesis surgery where a talcum “slurry” was inserted in the pleural layers to seal the space so no further fluid could accumulate around her lungs, she and Ray have continued to do what they enjoy most – joining friends at an RV rally or kicking back for a few days of camping. After her first procedure, when she was still weak, Mavis and Ray packed up their motor home, grabbed their loyal dog Louis, and headed out for some R & R.

Ray and Mavis Nye

Ray and Mavis Nye

Since then, the two have barely missed an invitation to meet up with their friends from their “motor homer’s club.” And that time together has only strengthened the couple’s already unshakeable bond.

“Ray and I enjoy doing so much together,” said Mavis. “We are laughing all the time and enjoy camping together in the motor home. That’s when we can really relax.”

When they aren’t in their RV, the two are busy planning their next trip. Whether it is another country in Europe, a party in the next town, or a day of shopping, Mavis and Ray are buoyed by their excursions. They see each day as an adventure, and it also happens to be the best way for Mavis to cope with her mesothelioma.

“There have been some very bad days when in chemo, and the sickness and pain has been intolerable, but on those days I just lay back and rest knowing that the chemo was working on my Mr. Nasty.”

When asked what it is that gets her out of bed every morning, Mavis said simply, “I love getting up each day because it is a new start, a fresh start and I will see another day. Laughter and great friends and the love of life are what keep me going.”

Beginning with her diagnosis, Mavis has documented her fight against mesothelioma and her efforts to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos. Following are her and Ray’s websites, where you can follow their journey and find out more about mesothelioma.

OneStop Mesothelioma – Contains information and resources about mesothelioma and asbestos
Living with Mesothelioma – Mavis’s Diary
Ray’s Blog
Meso Warrior – Mavis’s book available on
Ray and Mavis’s Books – other books written by Ray and Mavis

Come back next week for Part II of Mavis’s story – her advocacy.

Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A very Rain and windy day, Soon will be Christmas xx

I cant believe the force of the wind today It hits the windows and I cringe thinking the glass could come in.

There is a roar like a train and the rain lashes down.

Well I have had a better day and have managed to grab the duster from Ray to get done before he did it. So when he takes Louis for his morning walk I rush around and do as much as I can then have to sit down when he gets back to catch my puff.

I keep giving myself a good talking to and pull my socks up. Its Christmas.












lets make it Global, not only for Lewisham and Greenwich, but for the MacMillan nurses and the people who have need for them, but also for Gareth Malone (he put the Military Wives at the top) – for all their hard work and for the dedicated teams of doctors, nurses, health care professionals and those who have worked tirelessly to Save Lewisham Hospital, –
A Bridge Over You – Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir (Originally by Coldplay and Simon & Garfunkel)
This track will be released on 9th December 2013 and all proceeds will be shared between Macmillan Cancer Support and local healthcare charities. The single …
Also put your name in here when your asked to and have a laugh xx
Some good advice here from Dr Penny Woods is Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation (BLF),

Winter is often a magical time of year. For many, the festive period and New Year is a time for celebrating and spending time with family and friends.  For many, however, winter time can also often be a source of concern and worry.  People with respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or severe asthma, can be particularly susceptible to the effects of cold weather, finding themselves shorter of breath and coughing more than usual.

Every winter, GP surgeries and hospitals see an increase in visits from people with respiratory conditions. If you have a lung disease, below are some tips about how you can fight the impact of the cold, and keep your lungs as healthy as possible throughout the winter months.

Keep warm

Firstly, it is important to keep warm by wearing layers of clothing when it’s cold. This may sound obvious, but is something people too often forget or don’t plan for. For example, when going on short trips such as to the local shop, people can underestimate how quickly the cold can affect them, and can leave the house without suitable clothing.

Items like thermal underwear can be very useful, as can woollen tights and socks. If you need to leave the house, check the weather forecast for the rest of the day to minimise your chances of getting caught in sudden downpours or strong, icy winds.

Keeping the home warm is also crucial. The optimum room temperature is around 21 degrees in the living room, around 18 in the bedroom. It is better to make sure the bedroom is nice and warm before going to bed to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the night.

During really cold weather, people should also wear warmer night clothes. This is again something too many people don’t do, forgetting that their body temperature drops as they sleep.

Keep active

Staying active and doing some exercise can also be extremely helpful, by keeping the blood circulating and the body warm.

Appropriate exercise is generally good for strengthening lung health at any time of year – if you have a lung condition, your doctor will be able to advise you of a suitable level of exercise for you, and local places where you can do this if you can’t do it in the home.

Plan ahead with your medication

Those on medication should carry it with them, and people who have been prescribed bronchodilators should use them half an hour before leaving the house, to prevent the cold weather causing a sudden tightening of the airways when they are out.

Breathing through the nose instead of the mouth may also be helpful as this will warm the air before it reaches the lungs. If you can, you should also wear a hood or scarf that covers the nose and mouth on particularly cold days.

There are often also outbreaks of flu in periods of cold weather, so anyone with a lung condition should contact their GP to take advantage of the free flu vaccine they are entitled to, if they haven’t already.

Could the cold be telling you something?

In some circumstances, cold weather can help people without a diagnosed lung condition identify whether they are showing some of the early warning signs. It is estimated that three million people in the UK have COPD, yet a staggering two thirds of these have not yet been diagnosed.

Anyone who notices the cold weather bringing on a cough, phlegm and shortness of breath, should consider getting it checked out by their GP.

For more advice, please call the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555, or visit the BLF website.


Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Miss Misery today But ok now ha ha !!

Woke up today with the miseries . I know my drugs do that to me and I have to sleep more than 8 hours to sleep it off. Lots of friends are saying they cant sleep but I can. I wake up with the dry mouth and a tongue like leather which is another side effect of the tablets. My two big toes were really hurting and there was me saying my machine had got rid of that.

rain 2

Lost my voice and that doesn’t help. Its lovely when on chemo I dont get this voice change (Orville the Duck my sons calls me) The tumour lays on the nerves to my voice box so that must be growing back I really should go and have a good sing at a carol concert where it doesn’t matter if you sound funny, as everyone else is busy singing their “hark the herald’s ”

So I got up and I told Ray to leave me alone and I will get out of the mood, of coarse I did about 12.30pm when I had eaten a sandwich it felt like a roller blind rolling off over my head. Such a weird feeling. So I agreed to go out with Ray as he was looking for a new electric shaver, and it was sunny and really nice as I walked around Tesco,s car park with a dog that thought he would make me go for miles. I manged to get him to turn and to walk back to the car. I sat in it waiting for Ray and I was amused again as woman came out walking in front of their men pushing a trolley piled up high. The woman looking through their receipts in a disbelieving way, 2 Have I really spent that much” and the husband thinking “Bloody Hell what does she want all this for”

We came home and I put all our Christmas cards out and Ray had bought me my diaries for next year so I have to start putting dates in.

My Target on is the IATP Diner Dance in Cheshire in March. I cant believe a year has gone by

chris  ward

A very Proud Moment and I will be passing over to another well deserved person for 2014 which is great –I will always be the first one for IATP a legacy that I will leave behind me.

Really looking forward but first Its Christmas 2013 and Im really looking forward to it

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Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – We Mesowarriors have made a young man happy today

I got up yesterday feeling as tired as I went to bed. I really should go to bed earlier as my tablets dont seem to be all used up. I drink lots of coffee to bring me around.

I was busy working away and had lunch when the door bell run and my younger brother and girlfriend arrived  I had completely forgotten  he had phoned and we arrange to do present swapping -how awful of me.

It doesnt matter, but loosing memory does.

We had a good chat and the time floated by. So we had to say goodbye and see you next year 2014.

I have had two emails that have bought tears to my eyes. I really dont realise how I have impact on people with my fight and my blog.

One said

Hi Mavis,

Glad your scan results weren’t too bad and growth is slow. Best of all you have found peace of
mind. I was thinking yesterday of when Paul was diagnosed 3yrs ago this month. We all felt
so shocked and fearful for the future. Didn’t know whether he would make it to the next
Christmas. Then by chance I bought a copy of Yours magazine[ I still have it!] and read your
article. To see that you were still ok made a world of difference to us and we were able to face
Christmas with hope for the future. Well, Mavis you’re still standing, still positive, still hopeful
still you. Bless you!
  Thank you so much for making a difference for so many of us.
        Wishing you and Ray a wonderful Christmas and a good news new year,
The other said

Hi Mavis, I hope this message finds you well. Or as well as is expected.
We spoke earlier on in the year, my father-in-law was diagnosed with messo back in January.
The news hit us all hard, but reading your posts and seeing living proof of someone fighting this gave us hope.
I wont copy the rest as her father hasnt had good news and I wish him all love in the world as he goes onto more Chemo.
But Im so pleased they both find strength in the words I write and if I ever thought of stopping or that they arent reaching people, I would be very wrong.
Today was Kieran Debbies sons birthday and he was feeling it was going to be sad. Not at all as some of us Warriors got together and bought a Guitar and 6 lessons .
He is over the moon Richard Clarke helped get the idea together .










We will see him on Xfactor one day !!!

We went and did the last of the shopping and presents so I think I dont have to go to the shops anymore, I always say that and I never mean it as I always end up in the shop for just one more thing.

No news of my friends son except the police have stepped it up now by using a helicopter in the search now.

It’s now nearly two weeks since the last confirmed sighting of 30 year old Ben Caplan, who was reported missing to police on Sunday 8th December.
He was last seen at 11pm on Saturday 7th December in Boleros in Caerleon. Ben is described as white, 5’9” tall, of a slight build with shoulder length straight brown hair. When he was last seen he was wearing a dark navy t-shirt and jeans. He has tattoos on both arms as well as on his back and chest.
Since his disappearance officers have investigated a number of lines of enquiry, but the main focus of the search has been the River Usk. This follows reports of someone going into the river at Caerleon Bridge at approximately 11.45pm on Saturday 7th December. The searches of the river have involved the Police Helicopter, and Gwent Police continues to liaise with SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association) who have undertaken a number searches of the river and the riverbanks.
Ben’s family and friends remain deeply concerned for his well-being, and anyone who may have seen Ben or has any information about his whereabouts is asked to call Gwent Police on 101 quoting log number 295 08/12/13.

Photo: It’s now nearly two weeks since the last confirmed sighting of 30 year old Ben Caplan, who was reported missing to police on Sunday 8th December.
He was last seen at 11pm on Saturday 7th December in Boleros in Caerleon. Ben is described as white, 5’9” tall, of a slight build with shoulder length straight brown hair. When he was last seen he was wearing a dark navy t-shirt and jeans. He has tattoos on both arms as well as on his back and chest.
Since his disappearance officers have investigated a number of lines of enquiry, but the main focus of the search has been the River Usk. This follows reports of someone going into the river at Caerleon Bridge at approximately 11.45pm on Saturday 7th December. The searches of the river have involved the Police Helicopter, and Gwent Police continues to liaise with SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association) who have undertaken a number searches of the river and the riverbanks.
Ben’s family and friends remain deeply concerned for his well-being, and anyone who may have seen Ben or has any information about his whereabouts is asked to call Gwent Police on 101 quoting log number 295 08/12/13.

I just wish the worry would end. What ever the reason that would all be forgotten just to have him walk into his front door and throw his arms around his wife and 2 boys, sister  s and brother Mum and Dad.  I pray that could still happen.

I will let Ray tell you about our boiler


Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Ben is still missing, An Apple a day Is true.

Life is very quiet at the moment. Finished writing the last cards and posted  them off so had another walk to the shop.

I seem to following every little bit  of news of my friend and the family that are all out still searching for Ben.

His Brother and Sister did an appeal on ITV Wales

The family of a missing man from Newport say they’re desperate to get him home before Christmas. Ben Caplan disappeared on the 7th December after a night out with friends in Caerleon.

Police along with his friends and family have spent days searching for the father of two. They’re calling on anyone with any information on his whereabouts to come forward.Alexandra Lodge reports.

Photo: So Very Proud So Blown Away, Thank you Martin And Dan For Your Work Today Also thank you so much to you all that joined the search for ben you are amazing x

People searched all down the river bank yesterday and the day before and there isnt a sign or clue -so sad.

The community have all helped and are helping again today bless them, they must be tired and frustrated as there is a sighting or a clue now.

Last night we walked and around the park and posted cards to the people we really know. There has been so many moving out, whether died or moved and as I havent been about much I just dont know every one like I did when we moved here.

I wrapped up and with my walking stick managed to walk all round. I was so pleased and I do think its the machine working wonders as I don’t feel like Im walking on cushioned feet.I have some feelings back and my big toe didnt hurt in the night. Ray is laughs at me as you can see the muscles that it is working on move I  put cream on my feet and that helps it to conduct better.

Now I have heard that an apple a day really does keep the Doctor away I will be buying more Pippins and Cox’s and munch away everyday.

Not only can apples keep the doctor away by helping your immune system with healthy food but studies at the University of Ulster  have found that apple phenols protect the DNA in colon cancer cells: “Our results indicate that a crude extract of apple phenolics can protect against DNA damage.”








Researchers at Cornell University have found that up to six apples a day can prevent breast cancer in primates and believe this can be extrapolated to humans. “Consumption of apples may be an effective strategy for cancer protection,” say the researchers. So have a glass of juice or eat one or two apples a day just like your mother told you!Read more at

So on the run up to Christmas I do feel Ok and Im excited  that Father Christmas is coming to me again.

My old back pain in the shoulder blade run down the arm, the ribs have a clamp on them on the left hand so there are sore points but I shrug them off. My hands are weird and out of line but I can say the disease hasn’t won  not yet. I did read yesterday that Some anti-cancer drugs can cause nerve damage. This is the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy in people with cancer. Cancer can cause peripheral neuropathy in one area of the body if the tumour is growing close to a nerve and presses on it.


There may be a loss of sensitivity or feeling in the affected area. Often the feet and fingertips are the first places to be affected.

Muscle weakness

A muscle may lose strength if it isn’t being stimulated by a nerve. Depending on which muscles are affected, this may make it difficult to walk, climb stairs or do other tasks.

Difficulty buttoning clothes or picking up small objects

If the nerve endings in the fingers are affected, you may not be able to do ‘fiddly’ tasks, such as fastening small buttons or tying shoelaces.

Difficulty with balance, walking and coordination

You may find that you stumble or trip when walking; uneven surfaces may be particularly difficult. You may feel clumsy at times or you may feel that your body isn’t doing what you want it to. Your sense of where things are around you may become less certain. ( Now who do you know that has been falling over )

Constipation and feeling bloated

This can happen when the nerves that control the rate that food passes through the bowel (autonomic nerves) are affected. Let your doctor or nurse know if you’re having these problems.

Feeling light-headed or dizzy when you sit up or stand up

These symptoms are sometimes caused by a sudden drop in your blood pressure, known as postural hypotension. This can happen when the nerves that control blood pressure and heart rate (autonomic nerves) are damaged. Your doctor can see if this is the cause of your symptoms by checking your blood pressure when you’re lying down and standing up.

Gosh Ray is singing his heart out while doing the washing up and he has got up so early —

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Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Getting into the Christmas Spirit now x

merry christamas












So we are on the countdown to Christmas. Im really in the mood to enjoy this one. I  have bought and sent presents and my younger brother is coming on Wednesday for the yearly swapping parcels. He and my older one have been going through my journey together. Funny how when you become orphans you seem to cling together more. We have had so many Christmas together. I remember every year I got a cardboard theatre and we had to do a show Christmas afternoon with little cardboard characters.

I was given a shop with a till and we got all the tins and packets out to play shop. Childhood memories. sigh —

I have felt very good today so content it wasnt until my next door neighbour came in for Ray to help him with something on the computer that tears cam to  the surface. He only asked how I got on but I watch peoples eyes when they ask “Well how did it go ”  Ok  its growing and Im going to go with it I said like it was a spot on my face, something trivial. I saw his eyes and I had to look away. I realised Im shocking people with news.

People do care and love me so I really must let them know, when the news is bad, to say it softer and stop being so cocky.

I have taken such a long time to say, I have cancer, I have the big C. Something I was always dreading would happen as we all fear Cancer dont we.

Anyway we had a long chat and he is off for Christmas but he is coming in again to say by xx

I have managed to send some more cards off. I will have to do a cyber one for all those I havent sent to. I still mean the message -Happy Christmas.

We went out in the dark to go to the post box. I forgot my glasses and my stick so I had to take Rays arm and try and stay steady. Why does it seem the cars go faster in the dark. I made it anyway and me and the dog were exhausted.

I did cook a dinner though and thats it  I have been playing on the computer.

No news from Wales yet other SOME of the people involved into today’s search for missing Newport man Ben Caplan carried the search on to Caerleon today after combing the banks of the River Usk in Crickhowell. The team walked back to Newport along the Usk from Caerleon.

One of the organisers of today’s search Kat Foy, of voluntary organisation Missing Adults and Children in the UK said: “There’s been such an amazing response. I’ve not known an alert to have such a response. It’s really touched everybody.”

Meanwhile, the King’s Church organisation, Jesus Cares, have added their support to the appeal donating toys to Mr Caplans children as well as a food hamper to keep the family going over the Christmas period.——-People are so kind arent they. They rally round when needed and there is still a lot of love in the world.

I hope there is good news before Christmas. It must be awful to see presents under the tree for a missing loved one .

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Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Quiet Weekend -The Mirror is fighting for Tracey Crouch.

Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Quiet Weekend -The Mirror is fighting for Tracey Crouch.


I have at last sat down at last to write my feelings and thoughts. I have been like a butterfly in my mind, flitting from one thought to the next. I dont feel depressed at all, in fact  I feel so happy and so in love with family and life in general. Maybe the phrase should be –at peace with my self. On a cloud


I have sat Ray down and told him what I want to do in 2014. The travelling I want to do and the rallies to go to.  Dieing isnt planned, that thought has been pushed right out of the picture.

So much hope and love of life has made me so positive.

So we have had a quiet weekend and watched the X Factor  and Strictly but I have cooked dinners and and we even had an argument over hoovering. I wanted to and Ray didnt want me to.

I couldnt go out as we have had very strong winds and rain. So I had my feet on my machine last night. I put cream on my feet so they had better contact and turned to machine up, Heavens my legs were really moving as the muscles were clenched by the currant –way ha !!! it looked so funny. I rocked back and forward and went round and round. Such a great work out.

This just might work good with the muscles.

I threaten to buy my son his Christmas Jumper

I wont tell you the answer I got back but it wasnt very thankful I can assure you !!!

Ray said last night I was whimpering in my sleep . He thought it was the dog at first then realised it was me. I do take tablets, my nerve blockers do work on the pain but sometimes the pain gets through and I must have been in a deep sleep

I find my hands lock up again, so funny . They look like claws. I have said they could hire me out as a witch for Halloween.

broomstick (96 x 131)

Our Friends Son is still missing without a trace. I gobblegook Text was received late last Saturday and that was it nothing more. They traced where he was at the time so tomorrow there is a huge hunt for him. If anyone can help if you are in  Crickhowell S Wales tomorrow can you help find Ben

The search is planned for Monday Morning At 10am Meeting At Askeys Bakery Lorraine Will be There at 9 30am.
His family will be there searching like they have been everyday, they must be so worn out mentally.
So pleased to see the Mirror fight for Tracey Crouch —

Tracey Crouch was axed from a committee set up to thrash out a deal for victims of asbestos-related mesothelioma after branding previous payouts ‘incredibly unfair’

Gagged: Tracey Crouch
Gagged: Tracey Crouch

A Tory MP claims party bosses have gagged her after she blasted “unfair” compensation for people exposed to deadly asbestos.

Tracey Crouch was lined up to sit on a committee of MPs set up to thrash out a deal for victims of asbestos-related mesothelioma.

But she was ditched after branding average compensation levels ‘incredibly unfair’.

Her shipyard seat covering Chatham in Kent has one of the UK’s highest mesothelioma rates.

Last week, she won praise from MPs and campaigners after criticising the payouts because they were only 75 per cent of average compensation levels.

She said: “I was told I was going to be on the committee and then – as soon as I made that speech – I was off it. So you can draw your own conclusions.

“I feel I have let down the victims of mesothelioma by not being able to press for these changes on the committee. I’ve been neutered.”

Daily Mirror Campaign Asbestos time bomb logo

Labour MP and former Defence Minister Kevan Jones said: “This is completely outrageous, when Tracey actually knows something about the subject and cares passionately about it.

“It shows how weak the Government’s arguments are. Mesothelioma victims and their families are being let down.”

The legislation is designed to compensate victims of mesothelioma who have been unable to trace the employer who exposed them to the deadly asbestos dust.

Nearly 2,400 people, mostly men, die from mesothelioma every year – of which 300 do not have an insurer or an insure who can be traced.

Asbestos was used in shipbuilding, construction and the motor industry, exposing workers.

Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Scan Results today —

I went for my scan results today. A very damp day seemed to go with my mood as you get so worked up before hand. I think if you think the worse then you cant be shocked with the news.

I sat waiting and my oncologist came in with a lovely smile and a happy hello which made me feel good.

Two other couples went in before me. One lady looked so ill  I want to give her a cuddle, but of coarse you cant so I gave a smile but she was to ill to smile back.

I went in next and we went through my scan result on the screen. I was worried by one that seems to float and Dr  Cominos showed that was attached in the bottom of the top lobe where we a have a  lining.

It seems that there is further deterioration when compared to the previous scan. The previously seen pieural based  Opacities ( in lungs is the part that  consists of the supporting structures such as pulmonary vessels, bronchi, and connective tissue) in the left lung have slightly increased in sized.

The marker tumour has increased to 3.0×2.5cm from 2.7×1.9cm this lies in aortic arch this one is very sore when i touch the area.

Anothermarker opacity in the line of the oblique fissure measures 3.8×2.4cm. before it measured 3.6×2.2ccm.

there is no pleural effusion. there is no evidence of lung mass in the right lung. in the abdomen there is no significant lympnadenopathy.(Lymphadenopathy is a broad term meaning “disease of the lymph nodes”, and is often used as a synonym for swollen or enlarged lymph nodes. )

A 1cm lession in the liver no significant change. Right kidney is atrophic  (complete wasting away of a part of the body I do know that since I was 2years old the left kidney is very strong and has served me well through chemos . bless it xx

So really this is good news, I know you wouldnt think it was something to be happy about but from where Im standing it means the growth is very small and that prvious chemos had shrink it all down. The measurements are not what it was when I went in for the 3 rd Chemo when that marker was 17cm.

I told Doc Chominos that  I dont want any treatment until I have got my body stronger. Walking with a stick because I fall over is not where I want to be.

She was happy with that and said she backs me all the way. If I feel distressed about any pains etc etc because I thought it was growing faster to call her. She has tried to get me into a trial but they have said there is no trials for 4th liners. She said I dont understand why they said that. Now to hear her say that makes me think If I was to push it she would get me in. But I just want to sit back and lick my wounds and then pounce.

She has put me in for 3 months time again for another scan. Im going to live life to the full. Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat. !!!!

christmas is coming






I came home and was really in  a happy mood so my decision must be right as Im so calm. Ray fitted my Revitive up under my desk and I used it for the half hour they suggest. It is weird to see the muscles work without me doing anything. My legs didnt feel so heavy it was good so I will do it everyday and build the muscles up. Yippee !! It also claims to work on the nerve endings so I do need that as well. Maybe I will get the feeling back into my feet -we will see, Im also going to look into alternative medicine and just see where that gets me.

Rays Blog

Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Off for Scan Results

Rays Blog

Just a quick one today as I have to go to the hospital early. I always feel bad when going to get results of my scan but this time it is really hard as I know Mr Nasty has won a battle against Chemo, and is still growing. This scan was to see just how fast. I will also know if my Oncologist has found any treatment that 5th line can help.

I have had a new article  written about me and it is being sent for my approval. But what I liked was the fact she said (I will say I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your videos of speeches, reading through your blogs and finding so much out about you. Everytime I read something else about you I’m either smiling or wiping a tear from my eye!  I hope I captured your essence in the article.) 

It amazes me that I have got the right way of telling my story as people say they laugh and cry with me in my book. Life isnt all sad for me and Im so please the happy days show through.

Ben still hasnt been found and his family are very distraught although still positive. I have often read about people disappearing and never found again, but when you actually know the family I didnt realise how it affects close friends and strangers.

I cant go a minute with our thinking about it.

The editor wrote a lovely peace about Ben –I hope he is soon found safe and well xx

South Wales Argus: MISSING: Ben Caplan in the clothes he was wearing when last seen

He wrote 

THIS has been a tough week for everyone who works for the Argus and our sister newspapers.

As most of our readers will know, one of our staff members has been missing since Saturday night.

Ben Caplan works in our newspaper sales department. He has a wife and two young children who are desperately worried about him, as are all of his friends and colleagues at the Argus.

He was last seen outside the Bolero’s nightspot in Caerleon at about 11pm on Saturday. Ben had been celebrating his 30th birthday, which was the day before, with some friends.

CCTV footage shows Ben in Caerleon shortly before midnight. And then nothing.

His wife Danielle reported him missing on Sunday afternoon and since then police have been searching for him. There have been unconfirmed sightings of Ben in Newport and Abergavenny but he has yet to be found and he has not made contact with his family.

A night out was a rarity for Ben. And it is totally out of character for him to go missing.

Everyone who knows Ben is praying for a happy ending to this story.

As journalists, we cover missing persons stories on a regular basis.

They are never easy stories to report. But it is even more difficult when the subject of the story is someone you know.

Like most daily newspapers, we have a twice-daily news conference where we discuss the content of the following day’s Argus. In the afternoon, someone from our newspaper sales department sits in on the meeting so they know the big stories for the next day and the geographic area on which they need to concentrate their sales fire.

Ben is one of the regulars at our news conferences. I would guess he sits in my office at least twice a week.

When we had heavy snowfall in January he went out of his way to drive me and other staff whose cars were stranded in and out of work in his department’s 4×4.

Ben is one of life’s good guys.

I’ve always advised young reporters to imagine they are writing about someone they know when they are dealing with particularly sensitive stories, and to remind themselves that every subject of every story is a person with a family and friends.

If journalists don’t do that, they become too hardened and cynical.

This week we haven’t had to imagine or to remind ourselves.

This week we have been reporting on the disappearance of one of our own.

I know how worried and upset Ben’s closest colleagues in our newspaper sales are. I can only imagine what Danielle and his children are going through.

The picture on this page shows Ben as he was dressed on Saturday night.

We have used the picture as the basis for a poster you will see outside most newsagents in Newport. 

Most importantly of all, if you have seen Ben – or even if you think you have seen him – please call the police on 101.

And Ben, if you’re reading this, pick up the phone mate and call Danielle or any of us. We just want to know you’re safe.