Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Jan gave everyone a scare, I have had a quote printed in the British Asbestos Newsletter

It has been a lovely day today with the sun shinning away.

The news of Jan Egerton  being so ill and having to call her doctor out wasnt a great start to yesterday. I kept in touch with her and was so glad when she was able to sat she was all sorted  out and felt so much better. Our  Community really do get so worried and we all contact each other for info.

I did try and get Ray to shave off his beard again as someone said at the weekend that Ray looked older after his heart attack. Hmm think I will have to buy him a new electric shaver for Christmas

I just rested after that and had a good night sleep.

Today we had to get up early to have Louis’s haircut. The lady arrived in her van and Louis didnt want to go down to her, she just picks him up, a shaking little frightened dog, and he goes in with her and Ray came back to wait. He was so worried about him but the lady said directly he was gone Louis settles down with her. I love to hear this as its nice to know anyone can walk him.

It really is all down to protection. He does that so well. !!!!

I have had a productive day sorting out my computer with a good Malware programme -sneaky the way companies get into you computer system, but now we are all clean.

So We went shopping. Goodness so did everyone else, it was packed but I was enjoying being able to walk around, the trolley makes a great walker !!

I have had a mention in

3. UK Mesothelioma Initiative

By Laurie Kazan-Allen

On July 3, 2013, mesothelioma sufferer Mavis Nye highlighted the disjointed health services that continue to fail UK mesothelioma patients in evidence she presented to the Parliamentary Asbestos Sub-Group. She asked MPs “Why does a doctor in the South know more about mesothelioma than a doctor up North? Why does one hospital know about drugs that can be used and others do not know?” Her experience was confirmed by that of the late Debbie Brewer, whose daughter told the politicians of a breathtaking lack of compassion exhibited by the oncologist who confirmed her Mother’s fatal diagnosis. “I have always looked back on that day with anger,” Ms. Brewer said. “It was one of the most difficult days of my life but the system seemed to place no value on us. We felt shuffled in and out quickly with little regard to the devastating news we’d just received.   There is a write up about the Mesothelioma Bill which has now had loads of Amendments added  so we are waiting for the date of the Next reading of the bill. These are the amendments to be voted on

A list of trials for Mesothelioma they seem to have kept to their word and we have this list of trials so I will search through and see if I can enter any.

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb

It was good to see Asbestos listed in this wonderfully written article  about Victorian houses

8. The wonder material

Edwardian engineers thought they’d discovered a wonder material- a mineral that was non-flammable, cheap and clean. It was used for just about everything in the early 20th Century home – hairdryers, floor tiles, toys, oven gloves, gutters, insulation, even clothing. However, the wonder material – asbestos – was, as we now know, deadly. Asbestos fibres can enter the lungs to devastating effect. We still don’t know the full number of deaths that have resulted from it because it remains a lethal hazard.

Read more here  it is a great read


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