Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Scan Results today —

I went for my scan results today. A very damp day seemed to go with my mood as you get so worked up before hand. I think if you think the worse then you cant be shocked with the news.

I sat waiting and my oncologist came in with a lovely smile and a happy hello which made me feel good.

Two other couples went in before me. One lady looked so ill  I want to give her a cuddle, but of coarse you cant so I gave a smile but she was to ill to smile back.

I went in next and we went through my scan result on the screen. I was worried by one that seems to float and Dr  Cominos showed that was attached in the bottom of the top lobe where we a have a  lining.

It seems that there is further deterioration when compared to the previous scan. The previously seen pieural based  Opacities ( in lungs is the part that  consists of the supporting structures such as pulmonary vessels, bronchi, and connective tissue) in the left lung have slightly increased in sized.

The marker tumour has increased to 3.0×2.5cm from 2.7×1.9cm this lies in aortic arch this one is very sore when i touch the area.

Anothermarker opacity in the line of the oblique fissure measures 3.8×2.4cm. before it measured 3.6×2.2ccm.

there is no pleural effusion. there is no evidence of lung mass in the right lung. in the abdomen there is no significant lympnadenopathy.(Lymphadenopathy is a broad term meaning “disease of the lymph nodes”, and is often used as a synonym for swollen or enlarged lymph nodes. )

A 1cm lession in the liver no significant change. Right kidney is atrophic  (complete wasting away of a part of the body I do know that since I was 2years old the left kidney is very strong and has served me well through chemos . bless it xx

So really this is good news, I know you wouldnt think it was something to be happy about but from where Im standing it means the growth is very small and that prvious chemos had shrink it all down. The measurements are not what it was when I went in for the 3 rd Chemo when that marker was 17cm.

I told Doc Chominos that  I dont want any treatment until I have got my body stronger. Walking with a stick because I fall over is not where I want to be.

She was happy with that and said she backs me all the way. If I feel distressed about any pains etc etc because I thought it was growing faster to call her. She has tried to get me into a trial but they have said there is no trials for 4th liners. She said I dont understand why they said that. Now to hear her say that makes me think If I was to push it she would get me in. But I just want to sit back and lick my wounds and then pounce.

She has put me in for 3 months time again for another scan. Im going to live life to the full. Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat. !!!!

christmas is coming






I came home and was really in  a happy mood so my decision must be right as Im so calm. Ray fitted my Revitive up under my desk and I used it for the half hour they suggest. It is weird to see the muscles work without me doing anything. My legs didnt feel so heavy it was good so I will do it everyday and build the muscles up. Yippee !! It also claims to work on the nerve endings so I do need that as well. Maybe I will get the feeling back into my feet -we will see, Im also going to look into alternative medicine and just see where that gets me.

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