Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Quiet Weekend -The Mirror is fighting for Tracey Crouch.


I have at last sat down at last to write my feelings and thoughts. I have been like a butterfly in my mind, flitting from one thought to the next. I dont feel depressed at all, in fact  I feel so happy and so in love with family and life in general. Maybe the phrase should be –at peace with my self. On a cloud


I have sat Ray down and told him what I want to do in 2014. The travelling I want to do and the rallies to go to.  Dieing isnt planned, that thought has been pushed right out of the picture.

So much hope and love of life has made me so positive.

So we have had a quiet weekend and watched the X Factor  and Strictly but I have cooked dinners and and we even had an argument over hoovering. I wanted to and Ray didnt want me to.

I couldnt go out as we have had very strong winds and rain. So I had my feet on my machine last night. I put cream on my feet so they had better contact and turned to machine up, Heavens my legs were really moving as the muscles were clenched by the currant –way ha !!! it looked so funny. I rocked back and forward and went round and round. Such a great work out.

This just might work good with the muscles.

I threaten to buy my son his Christmas Jumper

I wont tell you the answer I got back but it wasnt very thankful I can assure you !!!

Ray said last night I was whimpering in my sleep . He thought it was the dog at first then realised it was me. I do take tablets, my nerve blockers do work on the pain but sometimes the pain gets through and I must have been in a deep sleep

I find my hands lock up again, so funny . They look like claws. I have said they could hire me out as a witch for Halloween.

broomstick (96 x 131)

Our Friends Son is still missing without a trace. I gobblegook Text was received late last Saturday and that was it nothing more. They traced where he was at the time so tomorrow there is a huge hunt for him. If anyone can help if you are in  Crickhowell S Wales tomorrow can you help find Ben

The search is planned for Monday Morning At 10am Meeting At Askeys Bakery Lorraine Will be There at 9 30am.
His family will be there searching like they have been everyday, they must be so worn out mentally.
So pleased to see the Mirror fight for Tracey Crouch —

Tracey Crouch was axed from a committee set up to thrash out a deal for victims of asbestos-related mesothelioma after branding previous payouts ‘incredibly unfair’

Gagged: Tracey Crouch
Gagged: Tracey Crouch

A Tory MP claims party bosses have gagged her after she blasted “unfair” compensation for people exposed to deadly asbestos.

Tracey Crouch was lined up to sit on a committee of MPs set up to thrash out a deal for victims of asbestos-related mesothelioma.

But she was ditched after branding average compensation levels ‘incredibly unfair’.

Her shipyard seat covering Chatham in Kent has one of the UK’s highest mesothelioma rates.

Last week, she won praise from MPs and campaigners after criticising the payouts because they were only 75 per cent of average compensation levels.

She said: “I was told I was going to be on the committee and then – as soon as I made that speech – I was off it. So you can draw your own conclusions.

“I feel I have let down the victims of mesothelioma by not being able to press for these changes on the committee. I’ve been neutered.”

Daily Mirror Campaign Asbestos time bomb logo

Labour MP and former Defence Minister Kevan Jones said: “This is completely outrageous, when Tracey actually knows something about the subject and cares passionately about it.

“It shows how weak the Government’s arguments are. Mesothelioma victims and their families are being let down.”

The legislation is designed to compensate victims of mesothelioma who have been unable to trace the employer who exposed them to the deadly asbestos dust.

Nearly 2,400 people, mostly men, die from mesothelioma every year – of which 300 do not have an insurer or an insure who can be traced.

Asbestos was used in shipbuilding, construction and the motor industry, exposing workers.


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