Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Getting into the Christmas Spirit now x

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So we are on the countdown to Christmas. Im really in the mood to enjoy this one. I  have bought and sent presents and my younger brother is coming on Wednesday for the yearly swapping parcels. He and my older one have been going through my journey together. Funny how when you become orphans you seem to cling together more. We have had so many Christmas together. I remember every year I got a cardboard theatre and we had to do a show Christmas afternoon with little cardboard characters.

I was given a shop with a till and we got all the tins and packets out to play shop. Childhood memories. sigh —

I have felt very good today so content it wasnt until my next door neighbour came in for Ray to help him with something on the computer that tears cam to  the surface. He only asked how I got on but I watch peoples eyes when they ask “Well how did it go ”  Ok  its growing and Im going to go with it I said like it was a spot on my face, something trivial. I saw his eyes and I had to look away. I realised Im shocking people with news.

People do care and love me so I really must let them know, when the news is bad, to say it softer and stop being so cocky.

I have taken such a long time to say, I have cancer, I have the big C. Something I was always dreading would happen as we all fear Cancer dont we.

Anyway we had a long chat and he is off for Christmas but he is coming in again to say by xx

I have managed to send some more cards off. I will have to do a cyber one for all those I havent sent to. I still mean the message -Happy Christmas.

We went out in the dark to go to the post box. I forgot my glasses and my stick so I had to take Rays arm and try and stay steady. Why does it seem the cars go faster in the dark. I made it anyway and me and the dog were exhausted.

I did cook a dinner though and thats it  I have been playing on the computer.

No news from Wales yet other SOME of the people involved into today’s search for missing Newport man Ben Caplan carried the search on to Caerleon today after combing the banks of the River Usk in Crickhowell. The team walked back to Newport along the Usk from Caerleon.

One of the organisers of today’s search Kat Foy, of voluntary organisation Missing Adults and Children in the UK said: “There’s been such an amazing response. I’ve not known an alert to have such a response. It’s really touched everybody.”

Meanwhile, the King’s Church organisation, Jesus Cares, have added their support to the appeal donating toys to Mr Caplans children as well as a food hamper to keep the family going over the Christmas period.——-People are so kind arent they. They rally round when needed and there is still a lot of love in the world.

I hope there is good news before Christmas. It must be awful to see presents under the tree for a missing loved one .

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