Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Miss Misery today But ok now ha ha !!

Woke up today with the miseries . I know my drugs do that to me and I have to sleep more than 8 hours to sleep it off. Lots of friends are saying they cant sleep but I can. I wake up with the dry mouth and a tongue like leather which is another side effect of the tablets. My two big toes were really hurting and there was me saying my machine had got rid of that.

rain 2

Lost my voice and that doesn’t help. Its lovely when on chemo I dont get this voice change (Orville the Duck my sons calls me) The tumour lays on the nerves to my voice box so that must be growing back I really should go and have a good sing at a carol concert where it doesn’t matter if you sound funny, as everyone else is busy singing their “hark the herald’s ”

So I got up and I told Ray to leave me alone and I will get out of the mood, of coarse I did about 12.30pm when I had eaten a sandwich it felt like a roller blind rolling off over my head. Such a weird feeling. So I agreed to go out with Ray as he was looking for a new electric shaver, and it was sunny and really nice as I walked around Tesco,s car park with a dog that thought he would make me go for miles. I manged to get him to turn and to walk back to the car. I sat in it waiting for Ray and I was amused again as woman came out walking in front of their men pushing a trolley piled up high. The woman looking through their receipts in a disbelieving way, 2 Have I really spent that much” and the husband thinking “Bloody Hell what does she want all this for”

We came home and I put all our Christmas cards out and Ray had bought me my diaries for next year so I have to start putting dates in.

My Target on is the IATP Diner Dance in Cheshire in March. I cant believe a year has gone by

chris  ward

A very Proud Moment and I will be passing over to another well deserved person for 2014 which is great –I will always be the first one for IATP a legacy that I will leave behind me.

Really looking forward but first Its Christmas 2013 and Im really looking forward to it

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