Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Plumber has been and we have fast hot water again. !!

A dreadful situation is emerging for western and southern coasts of England tomorrow morning and afternoon. A fairly deep area of low pressure drifting up from the Southwest will create huge swells in the sea, some areas along the SW could see seas swell to nearly 10-12 metres. There is a serious risk of coastal flooding so if you do reside near the coast, please be prepared and take action, especially the further West you are!
The environment agency has updated their warnings to include 14 locations in their ‘severe’ category which I feel will rise as dawn breaks.
Check the warnings here!

So more weather warnings today, wind and rain, Just dont know when this will stop.

It poured hard yesterday and blew a gale. We had come back to the wishing well over and the archway had pulled out of the ground so I have asked Ray to cut the Passion plant of of it as it covered the side and so  the wind was rocking it. He has tied-it to the Motor homes  Calor Gas  bottle to weight it down in the next lot of wind tonight.

All is quiet today as it has been a lovely sunny day but we got caught in by the Plumber. He said he could mend our water system today. It has been playing up and the pressure kept dropping so he got a new pump for us. It turned out it wasnt that but just some particles and rubbish that block it so the bill wasnt as high as expected. Ray even gave him a tip.

So we have hot water very fast again, and a serviced water heater.

I put away clothes we hadn’t used and also food we didn’t eat as I had over packed the M/Home, something I tend to do a lot but its always there for an emergency.

House tided again so a relaxing afternoon.

I have caught up with all my emails and Happy New years!!.

Central Lobby

I had an email to tell me that the Mesothelioma bill is back in Parliament Next Tuesday 11.15am

Report Stage and legislation –The third Reading.!/calendar/Commons/MainChamber/2014/1/7/events.html

Hope the 80% That Tracy Crouch has asked to be  amended is Listened to and is successful.

Rays Blog.


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