Living With Mesothelioma – My Diary- The Mesothelioma Bill was back in Parliament

It has once again been a very windy night and the rain came down . Im bored with all this rain and wind.

Now they say we are going to get the cold from the USA. As long as it isnt the Polar Voltex  as well.

There are great pictures on here but my favourite is this one.

It reminds me of the film The Day after Tomorrow

Ice flow

So cold that throwing water into the air it turns to snow

We sat down all afternoon watching the Mesothelioma Bill on Television.

Summary of the Mesothelioma Bill

A Bill to establish a Diffuse Mesothelioma Payments Scheme and make related provision, and to make provision about the resolution of certain insurance disputes.

Progress of the Bill

The Bill completed its committee stage on 12 December 2013. It had its second reading debate on 2 December 2013. It was presented to Parliament on 29 August 2013.

The Bill is due to have its report stage and third reading on 7 January 2014.

The Bill completed its committee stage on 12 December 2013. It had its second reading debate on 2 December 2013. It was presented to Parliament on 29 August 2013.

A Bill to establish a diffuse mesothelioma payments scheme and make related provision, and to make provision about the resolution of certain insurance disputes.

Tracey Crouch MP for Chatham really gave a great speech.

There were great speeches on Research to have  passed at the same time

Kate Green  also put our cause over so well. She also said how schools and school teacher’s  will affected more and more in the future therefor expanding the 2020 date set for the down turn of the disease.

They have even mentioned  Germany and how we should not have people going abroad and paying for treatment quoting how one lady had to travel to receive treatment. They didnt mention a name, but we Warriors know the treatment in Germany is Prof Vogils Treatment .

 She also said we receive no Government backing as other cancers.

After all the speeches from, Compassionate MP’s  they took the vote.

Clause two will specify who is eligible for a payment The Bill  seeks to enable the victims of Diffuse mesothelioma to receive compensation.

Clause two makes provision for Research supplement within the bill. 

They closed the doors and gave the result  Yes 226 – Nos 266 —the Nos have it –

Nick Brown Labour Newcastle Is asking for 100% Compensation and paying from 2010

There is a so much sympathy as some of the MPs have lost Constituents. people deserve to be paid for their loyalty they gave to the country when working with Asbestos .

In the next discussion in the Meso Bill is for Private Insurance  for those that cant find the companies they work for, or the company has gone–School children and Teachers will come under Public Insurance so it is easier to claim.

  • If they ask for the date 2010 instead of 2012 to claim from but it will be  an extra cost of £80 million.

 Tracey Crouch came back  to say that amendment 1 is the 75% bu Tracey wants 80% — This will  be a payout of  an extra £6 thousand  for each sufferer.. But as they have to give back 20% back to pay back any benefits recieved.

Barry Sheerman -Labour Huddersfield lost his brother he worked for BP but came in contact with Mesothelioma.

  •  It was mentioned that 47 million pound will be given to help the Insurers from the government to make this work– there seems to be a lot arranged before the Bill is passed –that is because the Insurers would not agree on less. It was bought up that the Insurers should do as they are told by the Government as they have already had the money over the years from firms paying public liability.

We have not reached a peak GPs in Scotland are now asking people where they worked so as to highlight the disease. — The problem will get worse as Schools take over with figures rising from schools contamination.

They were all agreeing on 80% –The State is clawing back 100% for benefits paid to pay back to the Insurance company —this is wrong.

  • I was amazed to hear that in 1934 Nellie Kershaw died with Mesothelioma in Poverty– so very sad Her Husband was left with 2 boys to bring up.

Ian Lavery Labour Wansbeck gave a most passionate Speech that was making me cry, He really knows what we warriors are going through.

  •  Wow Sammy Wilson says Insurance Companies are bullies. Parliament sets the rules NOT the Insurance companies they have had the premiums and the Insurance companies have  been paying out .

The Insurance companies were really taking a  talking a slagging 

 Have you ever seen Labour and Conservative so together in the House it was a joy to see i-t but these were only the  the Committee, the ones that wanted the Bill through that they have worked on for so long.

The chamber is filled up so many Mps that have been working on the Committee rooms or watching on TV’s

They started voting as they walked either to the right door or the left door—   voting on amendment 5 to pay compensation 2010 or 2012

Votes were added up doors closed

Yes 232 No’s 303 Tracys Amendment 5 lost

 Then they  were voting  on whether it should be 80% of the average civil compensation

247 yes -286 nos have it

That was it I was well disappointed but Tracy spoke again and said she was disappointed but it will go  to another debate.

Well that is my amateur report and as soon as we get a professional one  in tomorrows papers I will report back.



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